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Senior Spotlight: Jeremy DerMovsesian

Future Plans?

I am going to either Muhlenberg or Emerson College for theatre and music. 


Favorite NPHS memory?

My favorite memory at NPHS was performing in Mamma Mia!, because of how electric every performance was. The energy from the cast and audience was something that I’ve never experienced before. It was so fun being with all my friends singing and dancing to really good music.


Favorite classes?

One of my favorite classes was Mrs. McLarnon’s 7th period math class junior year. She made everything so fun to learn and I still talk to a lot of the people in that class. My AP Theory Class with Mr. Klenk was also super fun 1st period.


Favorite teachers?

Mr. Klenk, Mrs. McLarnon, Mrs. Jankowski, and Mrs. Fuga are some of my favorite teachers.


Advice to incoming sophomores?

“Hakuna Matata… what a wonderful phrase” it basically means “no worries for the rest of your days.” I think it is important to not let the twists and turns get in the way of happiness. Of course it is important to care about school and friends, but if you relax and trust yourself, everything will turn out the way it is supposed to.  These next three years are going to pass you by faster than you know, so it is important to get involved and have fun.

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