Student opinions on the 2021 Commencement ceremony

TOWAMENCIN — 2021: the year that was on the back of our 6th grade hoodies that we thought couldn’t come soon enough, but now, it’s just around the corner.

After seeing the way North Penn handled the class of 2020’s graduation, the class of 2021 was left to wonder what their last time on the turf would look like. With the procession of cars lined up on the track last year, North Penn decided to advert from that this year and take a more traditional route. 

To our surprise, we have been given the opportunity to select a given time on June 12th, and graduate (in seats this time) beside 350 of our closest friends. This opportunity allows North Penn seniors to not only receive their diplomas but congregate together and celebrate the past 12 years of our lives like old times.

In addition to the withstanding plan for graduation this day going forward, Governor Wolf made an update on Monday, May 4th, stating that, effective on May 31st, all restrictions will be lifted except mask-wearing. Updates like these may influence the plans for graduation in a favorable way for North Penn seniors. 

A number of seniors were asked to share their thoughts about the upcoming graduation ceremony.

I believe that the graduation plans that are being held this year seem like a very well thought out plan and it seems like it will flow very smoothly for students and their families.”

— Lily Szilagyi, NPHS Senior

Although we couldn’t have our normal year, let alone a normal graduation, I’m happy to be able to share a special graduation with 350 of my classmates.”

— Maddie Zartman, NPHS Senior

I think that the graduation plans this year are beneficial to everyone because everything will be more organized due to the different time slots and you can still graduate with your close friends.”

— Justin Butler, NPHS Senior

Before the sign up genius went out, I was worried that I wouldn’t get to graduate with all my friends. Looking at it now, I’m so excited to see that I get to graduate with all of my friends, close ones, and just people I know of. I am excited to be able to celebrate this special day with all of the people who made high school so special.”

— Bella Botero, NPHS Senior

Despite this year being far from normal, I am happy to at least get a taste of what graduation is normally like and even just get to do so with all of my friends.”

— Caroline Hoy, NPHS Senior

Despite the unfortunate circumstances my graduating class has been dealt, it is obvious that North Penn has put in a conscious effort into creating the most safe, efficient, and sentimental graduation for us possible.”

— Talia Schneider

Even though due to Covid our senior year has been far from normal, the graduation plans are providing us with a sense of normalcy ad gives us the opportunity to celebrate all the hard work and obstacles we had to overcome in this crazy year as Covid-19 seniors.”

— Greg DiPippo, NPHS Senior

I’m really pleased with new commencement plans because it allows us to graduate with all of our close friends and will be much shorter.”

— Josh Jones, NPHS Senior

I couldn’t be more thrilled to get to graduate with all of my friends and peers in the morning.”

— Sean Corman, NPHS Senior

I think the concept North Penn has put into place works well, it’s giving us the same graduation feel and might be a more pleasant experience than traditionally having to sit through the commencement of over a thousand seniors at once, I am looking forward to it.”

— Tyler Deininger, NPHS Senior