5 classic 2000’s movies for snow day viewing


Maggie Robinson

Staff writer Maggie Robinson shares 5 of her favorite 200’s flicks for your weekend watch list. But hey, why not make it a snow day watch list too!

Looking for some movies to fill the hours of your February snow day? Here are five throwback movies from the 2000’s I would recommend watching. 



50 First Dates is a romantic-comedy from 2004, starring Adam Sandler as Henry and Drew Barrymore as Lucy. You can find 50 First Dates on Netflix, Hulu and Sling TV. 


The first time Henry sees Lucy at the Hukilau Cafe, he falls for her. He tries to make her fall in love with him and he thought he succeeded. The next day he goes to talk to her, but it doesn’t go as he expected. Henry eventually learns the truth about Lucy’s condition from Sue, the boss of the Hukilau Cafe. Watch as Henry tries to make Lucy fall in love with him over and over again on their 50 First Dates.

If you’re a fan of romantic-comedies, I highly suggest watching this movie. It will make you laugh one minute, but cry the next.








Spy Kids is a family movie from 2001, starring Alexa PenaVega as Carmen and Daryl Sabara as Juni. You can find Spy Kids on Hulu, Sling TV, and Amazon Prime Video. 

Carmen and Juni Cortez learn that their parents are spies working for the OSS. Mr. and Mrs. Cortez haven’t gone on a mission since they had kids. They didn’t want their kids to know that they were spies, but eventually their secret gets out. Follow along as Carmen and Juni become Spy Kids.

Spy Kids is a movie the whole family will enjoy watching. It will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.










Napoleon Dynamite is a comedy from 2004, starring Jon Heder as Napoleon and Efren Ramirez as Pedro. You can find Napoleon Dynamite on Hulu, Sling TV and Amazon Prime Video. 


Napoleon meets Pedro on Pedro’s first day at school. They are both outcasts who become good friends. Napoleon lives with his grandmother and his brother, Kip. Their wannabe quarterback Uncle Rico, moves in to take care of the boys while grandma is away. Watch as Napoleon navigates high school life as a socially awkward teenager. 

I recommend Napoleon Dynamite if you are looking for a movie that is so stupid, it makes you laugh. 









Paranormal Activity is a horror movie from 2007, starring Katie Featherston as Katie and Micah Sloat as Micah. You can find this movie on Hulu, Sling TV and Amazon Prime Video.

Katie has a spirit following her everywhere she goes. Micah and Katie try to catch the spirit with a camera filming them while they sleep. They even bring in an expert to try and figure out what’s going on in their house. The only question is, who will catch who first?


If you’re not a fan of all of the blood and gore of a traditional horror movie, but still want the same fright, this is the movie for you. However, I don’t suggest watching it by yourself, in a dark basement. 




The Blind Side is a biography/sports movie starring Sandra Bullock as Leigh Anne Tuohy and Quinton Aaron as Michael Oher. You can find The Blind Side on Hulu, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video. 

This movie is based upon the true story of former professional football player, Michael Oher. Although homeless, but attending a private school, Michael attracts the attention of the Tuohy family, a well-to-do family, whose children attend the same school. The Tuohy family eventually brings Michael into their home and sets him on the road to success, not only in football, but life in general. 

I think these are some of the best movies from the 2000’s, so I highly suggest them to anyone who is looking for a movie to watch on this snow day.