Keeping up with the divorce


Hannah Waskiewicz

When becoming a celebrity, one is almost guaranteed to be involved in some level of a fake story and the Kardashians are not new to that–this time, a divorce story between Kim and Kanye.

“I wish I had a relationship like Kim and Kanye,” some teenagers would say to themselves. They use those two celebrities as a relationship goal, but for the ones that do, they may want to rethink that statement now.

Kim Kardashian, known for being on the reality TV show, Keeping up With the Kardashians, reportedly will be filing for divorce with her celebrity singer husband Kanye West. Being a major celebrity couple, rumors began to stir up. But what are the facts on the divorce, and what’s the fiction?

Let’s tackle the most important question: why is Kim divorcing Kanye? Kardashian is supposedly divorcing West “for the sake of her kids and her own sanity,” according to the article titled “Kim Kardashian Is Reportedly Divorcing Kanye West ‘For the Sake of Her Kids and Her Own Sanity'” written by Emily Kirkpatrick for Vanity Fair. West’s crazy-talk about him running for president was enough to push Kardashian over the edge. The couple still attends counseling to repair their marriage, but even after an almost seven-year marriage, it seems their marriage may be unsalvageable.

In the celebrity world, it is extremely difficult to pick out the rumors and the facts. Sometimes, rumors seem so real or the celebrity doesn’t speak out about the rumor, causing confusion and even leading people to coming to the conclusion that it’s the truth–when it’s not. A very controversial rumor spreading about Kardashian and West involves an extremely famous and wealthy beauty guru, Jeffree Star.

A popular TikToker, Ava Louise, made public a series of baseless allegations linking West to Star. Louise did not make any sense of the rumor, but fans of Louise are believing this rumor to be true. Fans on Twitter are loving the gossip, and Louise seems to be loving the clout. The star claimed that she had knowledge that West was allegedly sleeping with a male beauty influencer. People began to come onto her, finding this claim to be a little sketchy, so Louise stated that an LA lawyer has evidence of Kardashian stating about the “cheating.” Twitter eventually turned this issue into a meme. But all and all, it’s a rumor, and it is proven it is a rumor.

Now, Star has since shut down the claim, saying it’s having an unusual side effect, as rappers are now sliding into his DMs. Kardashian feels “humiliated” over a false rumor that former friend Star had hooked up with West. Kardashian did tell Star to shut the speculation down, which he did. But, overall Kardashian was furious.

If things could get any more dramatic, another influencer recently claimed that West’s former bodyguard set up a meeting between him and West. The bodyguard has since denied the claims and even had his lawyer send the TikToker a cease-and-desist letter. The user did indeed apologize, however, Louise still has not, but she admitted to making it all up. The TikTok account @pattypopculture suggested that Star’s proximity to West–they both own homes in Hidden Hills, California–could be a sign of entanglement. Additionally, Star has become a part-time resident of Wyoming, where West owns the property and is said to be spending a lot of time recently. Apart from speculations and theories, there is still nothing to suggest Star and West are actually in a relationship. West never responded to this theory.

There are plenty of hints going around from the reality TV star Kardashian. Kardashian’s followers on Instagram noticed that she was not wearing her wedding ring in her recent picture, which could possibly be a hint to the marriage ending. West has also disappeared from the “Kardashian Clan” family photos. Although Kardashian seems to be divorcing West, he has been trying to divorce Kardashian for a while which he has publicly stated. And, just like many other married couples, Kardashian has spoken out about marriage struggles.

Rumors do in fact add tons of spice to celebrity drama, but the truth is, Kardashian and West are just not meant to be, and so far, those rumors seem to be proven false. If you’re a fan of Kardashian, keep up with her social media for any more details that could be posted, and with West, well, hopefully, he’s happy in Wyoming because it seems this marriage is toast.