NPHS students among those vaccinated in first round


Eleni Kountroubis

NPHS students are among the first to get vaccinated through their jobs.

TOWAMENCIN- With the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine underway, it is known to most that health care workers and the elderly are the first people to be vaccinated, however, what some people may not realize is that there are various students right here at North Penn who have been given the opportunity to get vaccinated. The fact that students are able to receive the vaccine is a reassuring factor for many that the number of cases within the walls of North Penn will slowly start to decline. 

The CDC has recommended that the distribution of the vaccine be in phases to make certain those who are at higher risk than others are tended for. The first phase of the vaccine is designated for those who work in healthcare or long care facility residents, while the second phase consists of frontline essential workers and people over the age of 75, and finally, the third phase given out towards those who are aged between 65-74, or people from the age of 16 or older who have underlying conditions. 

Many North Penn students working in nursing homes such as Living Branches and Normandy Farms have been given the opportunity to get vaccinated in their workplace free of charge. Senior Jenna Nyce couldn’t be more excited to have gotten vaccinated. She was one of the many students who have gotten vaccinated through her job.

“I got the vaccine because I feel like it’s important to try to stop the spread of Covid, especially working in a retirement home,” Nyce said. 

The Pfizer vaccine consists of two rounds and Nyce is on track for round two. After having gotten round one of the vaccine, Nyce claims that she feels better than ever and is excited for what’s to come. 

“After getting the vaccine, I feel completely normal, and I have no symptoms. The only thing was that my arm was really sore after getting it, but that’s expected after,” Nyce said. 

Junior Dylan Rasmussen has also been vaccinated, given the same opportunity as Nyce. 

“I got the vaccine because it was free from work and I didn’t think I would get that opportunity again,” Rasmussen said.

Working at Normandy Farms Estates, Rasmussen was working with older people from day to day and wanted to ensure the best for their safety. He claimed that right after the vaccination, he felt dizzy and had a relatively sore arm, however, he feels great and is more than happy to have been given this opportunity.

With each vaccination, our community continues to work one step at a time towards normalcy. The fact that several students at North Penn have been given the opportunity to be vaccinated is significant, as it not only ensures the safety of the people they work with but also the people in our North Penn community.