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Located on Main Street in Lansdale, Nino’s Pizza has been serving the North Penn community since 1967.

A slice of family history

“In the 50 years of this store, I have never seen anything like it.”

Usually the phrase among business owners is “I’ve seen it all.” However, the Covid-19 pandemic is something Margret Maltese could have never seen coming. 

“This thing is devastating. I mean it really has us so upset, it really is unbelievable. It has become so difficult to have a job or have a business. We are lucky we are for pickup or delivery but still people are scared to come in,” Maltese said.

Margret is the daughter of Nino Maltese, who founded the original Nino’s pizza back in 1966. After building the original Nino’s Pizza in New Jersey, Nino decided to move the pizza business into Lansdale, where it has been in the same location since 1967. To this day, Nino’s Pizza still uses the same exact recipe and procedures that Nino used in the sixties. 

“We have to keep it the same, it’s what makes the pizza taste so good,” Maltese said. “Changing how we make the pizza in any way wouldn’t really make any sense. Especially with how much success we have had with the original.” 

Nino’s was originally a small chain throughout Montgomery Township. They had multiple locations stretching into North Wales and Horsham. Nino then decided to sell the other properties and kept his store on East Main.

“We had a lot of stores in the surrounding area,” Maltese said. “It was just the decision that was made at the time. Having the original store still here is something we want to keep for a very long time though.”

Nino sadly passed away back in 2019, but his grandchildren have continued his work and made sure to keep the same environment that Nino established inside of his pizza shops, which makes sure that any and everyone that comes inside is able to enjoy pizza while feeling very much at home.

“It’s really more than just pizza,” Maltese explained. “It is about the family and culture of this place. Some of the people that come in here have been coming here for all 50 years that we have been open. So we make them feel at home. That is what it really is about for us.”

Nino’s is still operating throughout the pandemic and is available for takeout or delivery. Nino’s Pizza is located on 721 E Main St in Lansdale. You can call for delivery at 215-362-3900. 

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