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When old becomes new again

With the fast paced lives we all live as Americans, we often overlook the activities we once used to appreciate. The COVID-19 pandemic however, has given us the opportunity to slow down and come to enjoy some of our old pastimes. This summer, many communities around the country went back in time by rediscovering drive-in movies and reinventing concerts. 

Who knew an activity made popular in the 50’s and 60’s would once again be all the rage in 2020, a time where at-home streaming services, like Netflix, HBO, and Hulu can be seen in pretty much every household across the country. People were sick and tired of staying at home all day, and were in search of COVID-safe activities.

Around the month of May, outdoor cinemas began to spread across the country. Old drive-ins reopened and many other small businesses, even restaurants, tried their hand in the movie business, featuring films like The Sandlot and Jurassic Park. It was a success, and soon tickets were selling out in a matter of minutes, as people across the country took the opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy a good movie while staying in the COVID-free comfort of their own vehicles. 

Many businesses struggling to get by due to restrictions were able to use this new gig to their advantage. 

“The Bel-Aire drive-in has become so popular, it’s allowed him to re-hire staff members he furloughed in March after government officials enacted shelter-in-place orders that decimated foot traffic at restaurants throughout New York City”, Chauncy Alcorn from CNN Business said after an interview with Kal Dellaportas, head of operations at the Bel-Air Diner in Queens, New York. 

Adding to the surprisingly entertaining activities one can do in their own car, drive-in concerts joined the scene to ease the pain of those desperately missing their annual summer concerts. In June, Ticketmaster launched its 2020-2021 concert series, “At the Drive In”. 

“Drive-in concerts allow you to enjoy the thrill of live music again — safely and responsibly — while letting your favorite artists do what they do best: entertain”, the Ticketmaster Blog said.

Everyone has had to make changes in their daily lives due to the pandemic but we have also learned to embrace it and makes the most of it. By revamping the old and bringing in the new, we have founds ways to stay safe while adding a just little more enjoyment to our day. 

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