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In the center of Lansdale’s Main St business district is Stove and Tap, offering indoor and outdoor dining

In the heart of downtown Lansdale – Stove & Tap

LANSDALE – Walking down the street in Lansdale, one may come across one of our most popular local businesses: Stove & Tap. Known for their diverse menus and lively environment, Stove & Tap is a go-to for many Lansdale residents. 

On any ordinary year, tables would be crammed together as people rushed in and out of the doors, trying to snag the first available table, however, 2020 is a little different. Mandated to remove up to half of their seating was a challenge for them, but it was no obstacle that they couldn’t overcome. Fortunately, their outdoor dining option has allowed them to get back onto their feet. 

With the colder weather coming up, they have been trying to preserve their outdoor dining option as best as they can, setting up heaters to keep the temperature comfortable for their guests. Manager, Richard Fell, has also blocked off the road directly next to their building, allowing for them to arrange even more seating for their guests. In addition to maintaining their attempts at keeping their outdoor seating option alive, they have provided each table with hand sanitizer spray bottles to ensure the safety of their guests.

Stove & Tap has always been known for their dishes containing unique options and fresh ingredients. With their specials constantly changing on a day to day basis, more and more people are inclined to their food selections, bringing them more business. With the holiday season just around the corner, they have released their new holiday specials to the public and began advertising some of their most popular season dishes and beverages. 

Old Main St- The corner of Main and Wood St in Lansdale, PA as seen in the 1940s. Hager’s, located on the corner, is now home to Stove and Tap.

Fell believes that their staff has been doing a great job of maintaining a stable environment to the best of their abilities in the midst of the pandemic. 

“We have been working creatively and efficiently using apps like GrubHub and Uber Eats to keep broadening our guest radar,” Fell said. 

With their 4th year anniversary last March in the upspring of Covid, their celebration has been cut short. To increase their clientele, they have been working diligently on keeping their social media up to date and offering gift cards and other special premiums. 

With the holidays approaching, Fell stresses the importance of supporting local businesses more so now than ever before. Local businesses like Stove & Tap add a little bit of spice to Lansdale. 

“Supporting smaller local businesses is more important now than ever before given that we make the community unique because of how actively engaged we are with our clientele,” Fell said. 

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