Meet the Class of 2023 Class Cabinet Candidates

Noor Ghiasuddin: Treasurer
Ashli Lao: Treasurer
Becca Diehl: Secretary
Jamee Islam: Secretary

Sharanya Gupta: Secretary

Hannah Nguyen, Executive Editor

Why are you running for this position? “I am running for secretary because of the work involved in it. I am running for this position because of not only my interest in it but because I have prior experience as a middle school secretary in ninth grade. The idea of having that job again interests me and the jobs I could possibly have as secretary does as well.” What qualities do you have th...

Vrishti Yadav: Secretary
Samiha Alam: Vice President
Shreyash Ranjan: Vice President
Haley Meade: Vice President
Aidan Broadhead: Vice President
Isabella Leonardo: President
Shafy Jalal: President
Samrin Akther: President

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