The senior class patiently awaits the day they hit submit


Eleni Kountroubis

North Penn senior, Lily Szilagyi, like many seniors, is getting closer to hit the “submit” button on her Common App applications.

TOWAMENCIN- For the class of 2021, their senior year has been far from normal, however, November 1st is almost here: the day of early application submissions for a multitude of universities.

Even though things are not normal right now, it is still imperative to stay on top of things, as it certainly is easy to fall behind. One thing in particular that is a chronic source of stress on many seniors at the moment is keeping up with deadlines for their Common App submissions into certain universities.

With November 1st just around the corner, many students are in a frenzy, making last-minute changes to their Common App essays and resume. Unlike years prior, where teachers and counselors held constant meetings to drill the process into their student’s minds, this year is a little bit more tricky.

With the many virtual opportunities North Penn counselors are providing, it is up to the students themselves to keep up with deadlines and navigate the Common App. North Penn counselor, Mr. Brandon Turner, believes they are doing the best they can by providing the information to their students, considering the circumstances. The amount of digital communication sent to students through counselors such as Turner has been immense which has caused an overwhelming amount of confusion.

“This has led to students often misunderstanding the process of applying through the Common App and using Naviance for the application process in general, but I do think students are doing a good job of asking questions and seeking help with applications,” Turner said.

Once November 9th rolls around, it will certainly be smoother sailing. Having the students in the building will allow counselors and teachers to provide important information to their students in an easier fashion for sure; however, by then, the November 1st deadline for 60% of universities will be long passed. For students who were planning to take the early action route, this is a minor setback, not being able to have a counselor by your side telling you how to successfully submit your application.

Right around this time is when seniors start scrambling to complete their applications, in hopes that they make the early decision deadline. Senior, Lily Szilagyi, has begun her application process mid-summer, and she is finalizing them now.

“I started earlier in the summer so now I’m just breaking down my list to only four schools which makes my process so much easier,” Szilagyi said.

Planning to apply to four universities, she is nearing the end of her process and couldn’t be more excited to start the next chapter of her life. For Szilagyi, not being able to have human contact with her counselors and mentors was a setback. However, she easily overcame this obstacle, having two older brothers who had already been through it in previous years.

“Having the ability to email my counselors really helped me out, although I’m sure having them hand on would have been a lot easier,“ Szilagyi said.

The senior class of 2021 has been understanding what is the new reality of their school year, hoping for the best in the months to come. Instead of scheduling meetings and talking things out with their counselors, they have been emailing them and watching countless tutorials. As the senior class is just now finishing up their SAT’s and Common Applications, November 1st can’t come soon enough for some, as they are patiently awaiting the submission of their early action applications.