BU-bound Divya Sood wins multiple scholarships


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Sood is off to Boston University.

TOWAMENCIN – With many high school accomplishments already under her belt, senior Divya Sood can add some prestigious scholarships to her list.

During her three years at North Penn, Sood definitely got her name known from being the co-president of the Student Democrats club, a member of FBLA, the Vice President of National Honors Society and Model United Nations, and the co-coach of Girls on the Run, all while dominating the cross country field and the classroom. 

Sood was granted the Trustee Scholarship through Boston University, the National Merit Scholarship, and the NHS Scholarship. Sood was also a finalist for the Coca Cola Scholarship.

“I submitted my scholarship applications around the same time as my college ones, so I sort of forgot about them until I heard back. It was an awesome surprise when I found out, and it’s exciting seeing my hard work pay off. College is super expensive, so winning scholarships elicits a magical feeling,” stated Sood.

Speaking of college, come fall Sood will find her new home at Boston University. She plans to study political science, business, and sociology on a pre-law track. 

“I committed to BU because I love its fast-paced, infectious energy. This is the type of environment I’d thrive in. There are so many fantastic academic and non-academic opportunities within the college, honors program, and city itself. Receiving the Trustee Scholarship ultimately made BU the no-brainer choice,” explained Sood.

As an upcoming graduate and soon to be alumni, Sood leaves behind some advice to the underclassmen who are following in her footsteps.

“You’re going to inevitably encounter failure. It’s natural to spend some time feeling disappointed, but take them in your stride and don’t dwell on the past. These experiences prevent us from being complacent. I believe your well-being, success, and happiness in high school is more about your resilience than anything else. Lastly, please remember that we are all on our unique journeys of growth, so it’s a waste of time to compare yourself to others on the basis of class rank, SAT scores, college acceptances, etc. The earlier you realize that, the better,” responded Sood.

As Sood parts from the busy halls of North Penn and enters her new life in Boston, she can’t leave without thanking the ones who helped her along the way.

“I want to thank my friends, family, teachers, and mentors. They’ve helped me in so many ways—supporting my academic interests, giving guidance, aiding my college search, reviewing my application essays, listening to my stress rants, and connecting me with different opportunities. All in all, they’ve made each day a bit brighter, and I couldn’t be more grateful,” concluded Sood.