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Banerjee plans to study Health and Societies at the University of Pennsylvania in the fall.

Senior Spotlight: Shahana Banerjee

Future plans:
“I will be attending the University of Pennsylvania and majoring in Health and Societies. I also plan to do the Biological Basis of Behavior & Health Services Management minor at Wharton. I want  to pursue medicine but I’ve realized that it’s important to examine health in a social context and the HSOC major is the perfect blend of that.”

Favorite NPHS memory:
“I loved going to the fall football games with my friends! I’ll never forget junior prom and whatever events we managed to have as seniors, like homecoming and Winter Ball.”

Favorite classes:
“I was lucky enough to like all my schedules throughout high school. I really loved AP Comparative Government and English because we always had room for discussions with each other! AP Chem and Bio were really fun too, especially with all the demos and experiments we got to do.”

Favorite teachers:
“All of them were absolutely amazing and made my time at North Penn so special. A special shoutout to Mrs. Kratz – she helped me improve my writing skills and got me into reading for fun again. She is always so kind and understanding and I loved that she was always open to listen to her students’ thoughts. Mr. Keagy is a phenomenal teacher and made the hardest of topics, easy to understand; I’m definitely going to miss his sarcasm and passion for chemistry. Lastly, Mr. Evans. I never had him as a teacher but as my Gifted advisor, he was always open to talk and I’m thankful for his tips and motivation throughout the last three years.”

Advice to incoming sophomores:
“Don’t be afraid to take risks. Join that club! Take that hard class! It’s always good to challenge yourself and keep your options open. I’d definitely suggest making rough plans for classes, colleges and activities. But most importantly, have fun. You only have one high school experience. Enjoy it!”

To the class of 2021 I leave…
“The deodorant in my gym locker, my relief for not having to do the chem qual analysis, and a (hopefully) COMPLETE and fun senior year. You’re amazing, now go chase your dreams!”

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