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Senior Spotlight: Karly Buchanan

Future Plans:

“I plan on attending Muhlenberg College in the fall where I will be majoring in chemistry. I learned in my sophomore year that I enjoy helping others when I began volunteering at Lansdale Hospital. Along with science I also have a passion for music and Muhlenberg has amazing opportunities that allow me to be a part of both!”

Favorite NPHS Memory: 

“I had the wonderful opportunity my junior year to be in the cast of our spring musical Mamma Mia! It was my first year in theater and I wished I had joined earlier! Mamma Mia was one of my all time favorite musicals so when I found out we were doing it there was no doubt in my mind that I would try out. I ended up being cast as one of the lead character Sophie’s best friends, Lisa, and the rest was history! I made so many new friends and amazing memories that I wouldn’t change for the world!”

Favorite Classes: 

“My sophomore class that always had me excited no matter what day it was is chorus major! I had chorus every single day and it was my break in the day to just relax and do what I love to do. My junior year class has to go to chemistry. It was not the easiest class by any means, but it was the most interesting! I enjoyed learning all of the new concepts and it helped me decide that I want to pursue it in college! Lastly, my senior year class of choice has to hands down be comprehensive music technology, or CMT. This class has been an absolute blast! I get to learn about music in ways I didn’t even know I could and perform with some great friends. Being able to annoy Mr. Tumolo is always a plus too!”

Favorite Teachers:

“All the teachers at North Penn are amazing, but here are just some shoutouts to a few of my favorites. First off I’d like to thank Mr. Klenk for always encouraging all of his students as well as making music fun for anyone! A special shoutout to Mr. D’Aquanno for his kindness and helping me whenever I needed it. I should have come to you a lot more than I did, but you were always there. Last but certainly not least is Mr Tumolo. Mr. Tumolo has been a great teacher for the past two years. He is always willing to help students and values our opinions just as much as his own. He is upfront, honest, and always good for a nice laugh. Thank you to all my teachers who have helped make me the person I am today!”

Advice to incoming sophomores:

“Through my years at North Penn I have learned a little bit more than just derivatives and balancing equations. My advice to the incoming sophomores to get involved! Your time here at the high school will go fast so please make the most of it. Go to school functions you will remember them long after they’re gone. Make new friends, don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone a little bit! Your time at the school is only as good as what you make it so enjoy every minute!”

To the Class of 2021 I leave…

“All of my pencils that I have dropped along the way!”

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