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Jillian Lampitoc, President of special olympics, will attend West Chester University and study exercise science.

Senior Spotlight: Jillian Lampitoc

Future Plans:

“My future plans include going to West Chester University and studying exercise science: Pre-Physical Therapy and I would like to also minor in special education, because I hope to work in physical therapy with children who have special needs.”

Favorite NPHS Memory:

“Although I have a bunch of really happy memories from North Penn, I would have to say my favorite is from this year when the Unified Bocce teams played each other to go into states.  That was a really special feeling and I am glad North Penn gave me the opportunity to be a part of that.”

Favorite Classes:

“My favorite classes were my public speaking class and every year I loved my history classes because that’s my subject too.”

Favorite Teacher:

“I know a lot of people say they can’t pick just one teacher to be their favorite, but I really do know if I can say one specific teacher was my favorite.  Over the three years I was in the high school, every adult I really got to know taught me a different lesson that I will keep with me forever.  I wish I got the opportunity to tell all of them that in person, but this will for the time being.  So thank you to all my teachers and the other adults I got to know in the high school.  They know who they are.”

Advice to incoming sophomores:

“You will dread getting up super early everyday, but honestly these will be some really great years of your life and definitely get involved in anything that catches your eye.  In hindsight, I wish I was able to tell my younger self to just enjoy every moment of high school because I would do almost anything to wake up and rush to get into school by the 7:21 bell.”

To the Class of 2021, I leave…

“A really fun senior prom theme.  I know you wanted to do our idea as well so enjoy it extra on behalf of our class.  And an extra enjoyable senior year.  Thank you guys for being awesome.”

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