Prasham Jobanputra

Cole Egner will attend Penn State to study coorperate law.

Senior Spotlight: Cole Egner

Future Plans

“I’m going to attend Penn State and plan to study corporate law.”

Favorite NPHS Memory:

“My favorite high school memory is just watching all my friends play sports.  Football, soccer, basketball etc.”

Favorite Classes:

“Athletic training with Mr. Frey, pre calc with Mr. Gourley, and bio with Mr. Boucher.”

Favorite Teacher: 

“My favorite teacher has to be Mr. Collier.  I’ve had him for chem and physics and he’s just the man.”

Advice to incoming sophomores:

“My advice to not just sophomores, but anyone, is don’t take anything for granted.  Enjoy your time at North Penn because you never know how fast it can all be taken away from you.  Work hard and have fun.”

To the Class of 2021, I leave…

“Big shoes that all of you have to fill.  The 2020 class is one of the best classes in history, no debate.”

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