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Ilana Martin will be attending Bloomsburg University this fall and hopes to become an Obstetrician one day.

Senior Spotlight: Ilana Martin

Future Plans: 

“I am attending Bloomsburg University majoring in a pre-med track. I hope to become an Obstetrician one day because I’ve always had a passion for wanting to help others.”

Favorite NPHS Memory:

“My favorite memories are making my best friends that I got to have throughout high school and that I know I’ll have beyond it.” 

Favorite Classes:

“My favorite classes have to be chemistry with Mr. King and Brit Lit with Mrs. Felder. Although I wasn’t the best at Chemistry, the class was always fun to be in and the atmosphere Mr. King created made it really comfortable to be able to share whatever. Brit Lit was also a class I enjoyed because of how Mrs. Felder always told us funny stories and made the class feel comfortable by being herself.”

Favorite Teacher:

“Mr. King, Mr. Brumbaugh, and Mrs. Brett because of how nice and chill they were. They also all taught me how to prepare for the real world which I greatly appreciated.” 

Advice to incoming sophomores:

“I know the high school seems intimidating at first because of its size, but I guarantee you that you’ll get adjusted quickly and find a great group of friends. Also, make sure to enjoy what the high school has to offer.”

To the Class or 2021, I leave…

“I leave hopefully a full senior year you get to experience.”

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