Broadhead brings together service and sports

Broadhead’s senior year is going swimmingly, from sports to volunteer work and academics.

Abbie Broadhead prepares to throw in the ball at a North Penn water polo game.

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Abbie Broadhead prepares to throw in the ball at a North Penn water polo game.

TOWAMENCIN –  From starting swimming in her childhood to playing water polo in middle school and also diving for the high school, Abbie Broadhead does much more than just being a three sport athlete. 

Broadhead has always been a busy person, but once she entered high school, she learned the lessons of time management. With days filled with AP classes, practice, and hours of homework, she definitely has her hands full. 

“The sports that I do demand a lot of time, so I have learned how to make schedules for myself and get things done in an efficient way,” said Broadhead.

Being at the high school for hours on end has become a normal for Broadhead, as she is involved with sports for North Penn year-round. 

“When I got to high school, I joined the high school swim team. I didn’t start water polo until I was a freshman and I started diving in 8th grade,” remarked Broadhead.

Doing a new sport in the water was never a challenge for Broadhead. She started her swimming career at Whites Road Pool in the summer at the age of seven. After falling in love with swimming, she joined the North Penn Aquatic Club. 

The club’s girls water polo team travelled to Irvine, California to play against the best water polo teams throughout the country. Though all the way across the country, the girls ended up playing their Pennsylvania rival, Cumberland Valley: the team they would end up beating to win their sixth straight state championship.

“That was Junior Olympics for water polo, and that was really cool. We got to play teams from all over the country. It was just awesome being out in California, it’s so nice out there,” said Broadhead.

Being invested in three sports can be very time consuming, but that does not stop Broadhead from being one of North Penn’s most scholarly student-athletes. 

“Including this year, I have taken 7 AP classes: US History, Calculus AB, Biology, European History, Statistics, Psychology, and Comparative Government,” said Broadhead.

Broadhead’s long life of hard work and studying may soon pay off. She qualified as a National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist ,and come March of 2020, she will find out if she is a finalist for the scholarship. 

Some kids could never imagine staying awake during one of Broadhead’s busy days, but she has figured out how to handle all of her different activities and hobbies.

“I just have a pattern, so I go to school all day, then I have practice till six after school. I go home, eat dinner, and just do homework for a few hours. Finally I get some sleep after all that,” commented Broadhead.

When you have a busy day in your own life, it’s hard to make time for others, but Broadhead finds the time.

“I do Key Club, so we need 100 hours of service each year. I’ve done that since sophomore year, and it’s just little things in the community. I’ve done that since sophomore year, so that’s been 300 hours of service. I have also volunteered for [the] Manna on Main Street 5k every year for multiple years. For National Honor Society, we also have to do 30 hours per year addition to my Key Club hours,” commented Broadhead.

Broadhead is seen all around the community fulfilling hours of amazing volunteer work. Whether it be working at middle school polo games on the weekends at North Penn or out running at the Manna on Main Street 5k, it’s certain you’ll catch Broadhead volunteering somewhere in town.

While unsure about her path into adulthood, Broadhead is ahead of the game on exploring the different careers into which she could venture.

“Right now I am doing a mentorship with a speech and language pathologist and occupational therapist at Knapp Elementary, where I went to elementary school. Every day I leave school for two periods to observe what they are doing. It’s cool because a lot of kids who work with the pathologist are also working with the occupational therapist,” stated Broadhead.

Looking to take the next step in her education, Broadhead has a few schools already in mind.

“My favorite schools right now are William and Mary, Wake Forest, University of South Carolina and Northeastern. I want to go far away, but I want to stay on the East Coast and not have to fly,” said Broadhead.

As she finishes up her senior year of school and gets ready to move onto college and the next chapters of her life, Abbie Broadhead can look back on a high school life filled with caring for others and numerous notable memories.