North Penn High School welcomes Mrs. Lisa Foster


Hannah Nguyen

Mrs. Foster is now North Penn High School’s newest attendance secretary for D103 after working 10 years at Pennfield Middle School as the receptionist.

TOWAMENCIN — Tucked in the corner of D103 is North Penn High School’s newest attendance secretary Mrs. Lisa Foster who is just settling in a new environment after leaving Pennfield Middle School.

Before Foster began working at North Penn, she was the Home and School President of North Wales which made her want to be more involved in the district later on.

Foster has been working at North Penn for 10 years, and she began her career at Pennfield Middle School as the receptionist.

“I had fun working with the kids and the parents. Being the receptionist over at Pennfield, I got to see all the parents come in, get to know the different families, get to know who does what, who celebrates what, who hangs out with who, and who plays what sport. It’s been great getting to know all the families, and now that I’m up here, I’m reconnecting with all of the kids that have already moved on,” said Foster.

In addition to being the receptionist, Foster was also the athletic director at Pennfield where she would receive all of the forms, help the coaches put spreadsheets together to determine who was on the team, figure out when to schedule games for a certain week, and work with the transportation to ensure they had busses when necessary.

Now that she has left Pennfield, Foster remembers the great memories she had while she was there.

“I loved hearing [the kid’s] stories and helping the ones who were upset; I helped them get through the day. The ones that were excited about something would come in and talk about how they got their braces off. I just loved being with the kids,” described Foster.

Now that Foster is working at the high school, she has to learn new things that she originally didn’t have to deal with while she was at Pennfield.

“I have to learn a whole new dynamic of the tests you guys are taking, the parking, the discipline; it’s just a whole new ball game up here,” said Foster.

Outside of work, Foster is also the mother of 2 girls who have graduated from North Penn in 2012 and 2015. She also coaches softball at Pennfield, and she has been the coach for 5 years. She also enjoys making crafts at Chalk Couture.

As North Penn High School’s newest attendance secretary, Foster hopes to get the best out of her first year.

“I love reconnecting with the kids, seeing the kids from Pennfield, seeing how much they’ve grown up, and seeing their shocked faces when they say ‘you’re here,’” said Foster.

“I hope to be able to assist [the students] the same way I did at the middle school. If they have a problem or if they’re upset with something, I could help them get through it; otherwise, I could, once again, hear them be excited about whatever they’ve accomplished or any news they want to share,” added Foster.