Adora Smith adores beauty within

For Smith, beauty and business go hand-in-hand.


Hannah Nguyen

Teenage entrepreneur Adora Smith.

TOWAMENCIN — Sometimes all we need is that slight push to just go for it; it’s the push that makes you do the thing that you’ve been avoiding for months on end. For North Penn High School junior Adora Smith, she was just working her regular shift at AMC theater when she decided that she wanted to start her own cosmetology business. . . and she hasn’t looked back ever since.

“There was just a spark in me and I was like, ‘this is it,’” said Smith.

In tenth grade, Smith started taking the cosmetology program at North Montco, where she learned the basics of how to do hair and nails.

“I’ve always liked getting my nails done, doing my hair, watching people do hair, and watching people do nails; it has always been a thing for me. When I got into tenth grade, I really wanted to take it seriously, and then the cosmetology program really pulled it out of me because it was an opportunity,” explained Smith.

Although the program specializes mostly in hair, Smith fell in love with nail art and began teaching herself how to do nails properly. 

“I started off with a mannequin. For Christmas, I asked my mom to get me all of the nail supplies, and I started working on the mannequin. Then I tried it on myself, and I started asking some people to let me practice on them,” said Smith.

Smith was working at AMC theater for a year and saved money so she could begin investing in her business. She realized that she wanted to be independent and that she didn’t want to work for anyone anymore.

“I would write stuff down and think about it often; I would have daily goals. I would have days where I would practice doing what I wanted to do, and I just went for it,” said Smith.

She began her home-based business, Adore Me Beauty, in March 2019. The name was a perfect fit that was inspired by her name and, of course, beauty.

“Beauty. . . doesn’t revolve around hair, nails, or eyelashes. It’s just everything about beauty and beauty within,” said Smith.

Since then, her business has grown to be a success with the help of social media.

“I’ve grown a large following on Instagram. Word of mouth is great because I’ve been getting so many people from different locations; I take people from Philadelphia and from North Wales. It’s so amazing,” Smith proudly exclaimed.

For Smith, beauty is not just how satisfying her hair or nails look; it’s the self-expression that she loves.

“It’s being comfortable with yourself; it’s having the confidence and not caring about what other people think. It’s not worrying about ‘oh I can’t do this because they will think this.’ It’s knowing that you’re capable of doing whatever,” explained Smith.

“I just feel free when I’m doing it. I enjoy doing it; it brings out another side in me, and I could just listen to music and have fun. When I’m working, it doesn’t feel like I’m working. I just feel so good doing what I do,” she added.

Like any other student with a job, Smith has to balance her schoolwork with appointments. Some days, she is able to take appointments, while on other days, she is unable to. But she finds it easy to keep up with both. 

Despite finding it easy to balance school and her business, managing a business is not the easiest task. A typical appointment takes around an hour and thirty minutes.

“You have to have patience; you have to take your time, and you can’t rush anything. You have to know how to deal with people,” mentioned Smith.

Starting her own business has definitely left a positive impact on Smith’s life. She’s doing what she loves the most and is succeeding at it.

“It made me feel more independent; I don’t really have to look forward to going into someone else’s business,” said Smith.

“I learned that you will go as far as you will take yourself. There are no limits; if you want to limit yourself then that’s what you can do, but your business can go as far as you can take it,” added Smith.

On her Instagram page, Smith also enjoys discussing fitness and posting Motivational Mondays in addition to promoting her work.

“Usually when I talk to people, I’m an intimate person; I just like to share and be more beneficial. I know I could do more on my page rather than posting nails and hair. I just like to offer more,” said Smith.

Smith hopes to expand her business slowly in the near future. This is just the beginning of something even greater in the future. After high school, Smith sees herself going out of state to open her own place.

A year ago, Smith would have never imagined reaching this point in her business, or even starting a business in general. To this day, she remains surprised about how far she’s come. 

“This is not something I thought I would be doing; It wasn’t even on my mind last year. It’s crazy just to look at myself now and see how much improvement I’ve made in just a few months. I still can’t believe it,” said Smith.

If you’re interested in supporting Adora’s business, contact her through the following:

Phone: 215-681-5907

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @adoremebeautyy