Shinners seeks to improve her community


Rachel Rosenblatt

NPHS senior Anna Shinners poses for a picture with an art piece she has been working on this year.

TOWAMENCIN- More often than not, you can find senior Anna Shinners with paint covered hands and perhaps a dot or two on her face. This dedicated student has more than a passion for art however. She also loves bettering the community by playing music and taking an interest in our environment.

Shinners’ love for music is not contained by our school grounds. She enjoys playing guitar and singing in her free time.

“I play for my church sometimes,” Shinners said. “Its taught me to develop my guitar skills a lot and get more confidence on stage.”

Along with music, Shinners’ has a great passion for art. She takes AP studio drawing and portfolio prep as classes here at the high school and loves the chance to work on her art throughout the school day. For her AP class, Shinners’ had to pick a concentration to focus her pieces on.

“My concentration this year is light reflecting off of metal objects and photorealism,” Shinners explained.

Shinners has been working on the projects for her concentration all year. She works from photos and loves to use graphite.

“It’s easier to get into really close detail using graphite which is what I need to do to draw photorealism. I’ve always just doodled everywhere and on everything I’ve ever turned in in class,” Shinners explained.

Her love for art once pushed her towards a career as a tattoo artist, but Shinners has now changed her tune as she looks forward to college.

“I’m interested in like a mix of environmental and sustainability studies, probably leaning towards sustainability. I might want to help with conservation,” Shinners said.

Shinners’ love for art, music, and the environment will continue to grow after her time at North Penn High School, and she is off to even greater things in life.