5 things I hate about being sick in school

It’s that time of the year where you begin to feel under the weather, which ends up being one of the worst feelings in the world. But what’s worse is feeling that way in school. Here are 5 things I hate about being sick while in school:

1. Wanting to cough but you’ve already coughed way too many times (approximately 2 times) so you decide to hold it in.

Admit it, you’ve done this multiple times in your life. You already coughed twice and now a third one is coming? It’s the universe’s punishment! Your inner self is telling you that everyone thinks you coughed a lot already. Now you have to hold it all in and just suffer. Suddenly, you’re losing so much oxygen. Hm.. I wonder why?

2. Constantly being the one sniffling in class.

It’s like it will never end. You think the sniffling will be over one second but all of a sudden it comes back the next second! At this point, you’re convinced that everyone is saying “for goodness sake, just blow your nose!” but that anxiety just pulls you back into your seat. Nope, no can do. Might as well blast your sniffling on a speaker.

3. When you need a tissue but the tissue box is way too far away and you don’t want to get up and have everyone see you constantly go up and grab tissues.

Pass the tissue box and trash can, please! By now, your runny nose is out of control but the thought of actually getting up to get a tissue is just a nightmare in itself. You should probably just bring your own tissue box and pull the trash can close to you to avoid the intimidating stares. But that might cause even more attention. So you’re basically hopeless.

4. You can’t pay attention because you’re too focused on your sickness.

It’s like you’re extremely productive one day but completely out of it the next. You’re at that point when you can barely function and even the simplest things seem the most difficult. What’s 2+2—I need a calculator! How do we do this again? What’s my name?

5.You look disgusting.

Let’s be honest here, you could care less about how you present yourself at school. But you want to at least hide the fact that you just woke up 5 minutes before you had to leave for school. I mean it’s not just me, right? Anyways, this sickness is not helping with that. Automatic mood for the day: the Spongebob Squarepants episode “Suds”.

For any of you dealing with any of these problems right now, I feel your pain. But don’t worry, it’ll be over in about a week. If not, please see a doctor.