A Knight in the Castle: Señora Kriebel


Sammi Stec

Sra Kriebel in front of her Spanish flag.

How long have you been at North Penn?

“I have been in North Penn since 1985, this is my 33rd year.”

When did you know that you wanted to be a teacher and why?

“I think in high school, but I thought I wanted to teach elementary… until I actually student taught elementary. But I had the languages to fall back on, I had a double major and they let me student teach in spanish and french and I loved that.”

What do you like to do when you’re not at school?

“Spend time with my family, travel, and lately I work with an organization that rescues dogs. So now I am a foster home for dogs. My foster dog of four months is now becoming my dog, we lovingly call those ‘foster fails’. I have been doing that on and off for about three years now.”

Do you have a favorite subject to teach? French or Spanish?

“Spanish, because I have been teaching that for 33 years. French… as the enrollment has gone up and down there was a time, a ten year stretch where I did not teach French. I love teaching it again, and nothing can beat the French food days!”

What is the best part about working at North Penn?

“Definitely my colleagues in B pod, I couldn’t ask for better colleagues. I’ve been in three different schools in the district, and at the high school, the B pod language department is the best. And the kids, the students make me laugh everyday even if I’m having a bad day or I’m in a bad mood they pick me up.”

Biggest influence on your life?

“I would have to say traveling. I mean once you get outside of your comfort zone and travel to other states and other countries, you just never want to stop. My favorite place to travel is San Francisco simply because it is so beautiful and you have so many different cultures within the city. I could go hang out in the Hispanic area, I could hang out in Chinatown, I could hang out in the Italian area and I don’t need a passport.”