Leftovers from Thanksgiving? Turn them into these unique meals


Sammi Stec

Leftovers from Thanksgiving? KC writer Sammi Stec has 5 unique ways for you to turn them into delicious meals!

Once you have come out of your Thanksgiving food coma, the last thing you want to think about is food, but we can’t forget about the leftovers.

I know my family always ends up with too many leftovers and are stuck eating turkey sandwiches for days, but there are other ways to eat Thanksgiving leftovers. I did some research to find out just how many different meals you could make, and here is a list of some interesting ideas.

1. Turkey Ramen

Most high school/college students love their ramen, so why not add some turkey?  It makes it more of a homemade chicken noodle soup… but with turkey and slightly undercooked, curly noodles.


2. Thanksgiving Omelet

If you’re a breakfast person, this might be fun to try. You can make a normal omelet with eggs, cheese, bacon, tomato, etc. Then, by adding some turkey and stuffing, maybe even adding some cranberry sauce if you’re that adventurous, you have the perfect Thanksgiving breakfast.


3. Turkey Bolognese

A normal spaghetti and meatball dish with a twist. Replacing the meatballs with shredded turkey, you have spaghetti and turkey bolognese, I think it could be one of those meals that sounds scary but tastes delicious. I might have to try this one myself.


4. Cheesy Mashed Potato Bites

This one sounds like something I definitely want to try. All you need is some breadcrumbs, eggs, cheese, and some scallions for flavor. You would roll the mashed potatoes into balls, add some cheese, cover them in breadcrumbs, and put them in the oven. Now you have some tasty, cheesy mashed potato bites!


5. Thanksgiving Sushi

I leave you with what I think is the craziest leftover meal, however it is an easy meal to make. All you have to do is wrap turkey and cranberry sauce in avocado, rice, and seaweed for a very interesting type of sushi.