18 years and no Chipotle…until now

KC Staff writer tries popular food chain, Chipotle.

For some reason, I always found an excuse when friends suggested Chipotle as a place to eat. I’d offer Panera as a more appealing option, proclaiming my unwavering adoration for their mac-n-cheese. But, when confronted by four friends who were utterly and completely flabbergasted by the idea of an eighteen-year old who has never eaten at Chipotle, I was forced to try it for the very first time.

Upon my first steps upon that hallowed ground my friends praised so often, I was more overwhelmed than excited. It was loud, crowded, and a generally u

Rachel Rosenblatt
Rachel’s first order of a burrito bowl containing chicken, steak, white rice, and cheese.

ncomfortable atmosphere. I am a naturally nervous customer and like to have my order planned out well in advance, but when faced with a fast, abrasive setting, I began to panic as we took our place in line.

With assistance from my friendly advisers, I settled on a burrito bowl. The closer we got to the front of the line, the more nervous I became. With sweaty palms and a shaky voice, I managed to pass along my order to an overly assertive employee. He must have gone through tons of teenagers who understood exactly how the ordering process worked. As a newbie, I was not accustomed to the fast-paced ordering, and his quick questions caught me off guard.  However, I managed to babble out my order semi-successfully.

My order was painfully simple, and I did this on purpose. I don’t try new foods by nature, keeping each meal as basic as possible to stay firmly in my comfort zone. That is why I ordered the extremely boring burrito bowl of chicken, steak, white rice, and cheese.

I know how it sounds. Chipotle veterans must be cringing right about now. But let me tell you, however plain you think my order was, I absolutely loved it. I mixed the different parts together and savored each bite, finally understanding the hype behind Chipotle.

It was delicious. Not life changing, but definitely delicious. I no longer fear Chipotle outings with friends, and I don’t feel the need to offer up a different location to eat at. I have wholeheartedly decided that trying new foods may scare me, but when the result is a new, fast food option that my friends love as well, it is a risk worth taking.