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NP graduate Maura Slater poses for a picture in New York City.

NP graduate Maura Slater poses for a picture in New York City.

Submitted Photo

Submitted Photo

NP graduate Maura Slater poses for a picture in New York City.

Alumni Spotlight: Maura Slater in a new stage of her life

Staff writer Sammi Stec sits down for a one on one with North Penn graduate Maura Slater.

2018 North Penn graduate, Maura Slater, is taking on a new stage as a freshman at Marymount Manhattan College.

During Maura’s time at North Penn, being involved was an understatement. She was a part of all six theatre productions, an anchor for NPTV, an extremely dedicated thespian troupe member, and eventually president of the troupe. Maura was also a State Thespian Officer for the Pennsylvania State Thespian Conference, leading the conference among others. Not only did she exceed after the school day, she was an overachiever when it came to her grades. She received distinguished honor roll all throughout her time in high school.

Before leaving the North Penn stage, Slater committed to Marymount Manhattan College for a B.F.A in Acting. Although she is not yet apart of a play this year, she is apart of a sketch comedy group on campus. Freshman year is about learning the ropes, and she is going straight in, trying to do as much as she can to get the full college experience. Slater hopes to be in many shows at Marymount before graduation.

What is your favorite part about college?

“My favorite part about college is being able to focus a lot of my time and energy on my major. A lot of my classes are all geared towards the arts, and I love how now I get to study my passion that I found in high school, and continue learning more and more about it in college. And especially going to college in New York City, I get to expand horizons academically while expanding my view on the world. College is never boring in the city, there is always something to do and always someone completely new to talk to.”

What do you miss about North Penn?

“The thing I miss the most about North Penn are the people. It was nice to know my peers in my classes and find a friend group that I could relate to so closely. Leaving friends who were in the sophomore and junior class while I was a senior was hard. I miss days with them at the high school and days we would be in the auditorium for hours rehearsing for our shows. It’s definitely the people who made my North Penn years enjoyable and definitely my friends who I had to leave that I miss the most.”

What is your advice to high schoolers?

“My advice to high schoolers is to stay focused and determined in stressful times, and most importantly to not lose themselves in the pressure they may feel from others. Always know what you love to do, and what makes you happy because going into college you have the chance to be able to follow those passions. Know what you love, who you are, continue on the path you want to be on. Be determined to get where you want to get in life, and don’t let anyone push you off of it.”

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