Isaac Lambert always giving 100%

Isaac Lambert walks down the football field with his sister Cassi during 2018 Homecoming.

TOWAMENCIN- North Penn High School senior Isaac Lambert is no stranger to hard work. Whether challenges arise from academics, athletics, or at home, Lambert works hard to overcome them. His ability to do this has helped him make the most of his time at North Penn and is preparing him for the future.

“A part of my character that I’ve always wanted to stay true to is that I’ve always been hard working and driven,” said Lambert.

He definitely stays true to it. Whether it be at school, on the volleyball court, or at home, Lambert keeps these sentiments and applies them to every aspect of his life.

At school Lambert has played volleyball for the high school since ninth grade and has been on varsity since tenth. He is a part of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and is an active leader in Christian Club. Much of his time is taken up by his clubs and sports, but he still focuses on the rigorous courses he takes. “

“I don’t sleep,” he joked.

Marissa Werner
Isaac Lambert on the homecoming court under the Friday night lights.

Outside of school is where Lambert’s love of volleyball came about. At family and church events Lambert would join in on the activities, and when he got to the volleyball court, friends and family commented on his natural talents in the sport. This lead to his first organized summer team before the start of ninth grade and then making the high school team. On top of this he is a member of the Infinity Club Team. He loves volleyball because of the teamwork and comradey involved in the sport.

“[I] like interacting with other people and having that sense of friendship on the court,” he stated.

In his down time, Lambert likes to hang out with his friends. He loves to go hiking, camping, and biking with them. He’d much rather be playing basketball or doing anything active and productive with his time. The outdoors is where Lambert feels most at peace, so unless it’s Sunday night sports, he won’t be watching TV.

Lambert’s faith is also a very important part of his life. Being raised in a Christian household exposed him to his religion and led to his choice to follow the faith. Christian Club, FCA, and Youth Group are important to him because it helps him keep good morals.

“Overall I just want to be a kind and loving person to everybody,” said Lambert.

In everything he participates in, Lambert makes sure to give his full effort toward it no matter what it is.

I don’t wanna give up in the face of something. I wanna be known for my grit and my determination

— NPHS Senior Isaac Lambert

“I don’t wanna give up in the face of something. I wanna be known for my grit and my determination,” explained Lambert.

He’s shown this in his commitment to all his activities and especially to his family. In January his younger sister was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma. Isaac knew he had to balance his school work and studying for AP Exams with his three hour practices and finding a way to stay strong with his faith while being there for his sister when she needed him the most. Isaac was determined to not give up. He continued to excel in school and volleyball, put trust in his faith, and was there to support his sister.

“I show them I’m always gonna be hard working. I don’t wanna slack off. I don’t want to put in half the effort. I wanna work hard for something so that I can achieve the final goal,” explained Lambert.

Lambert maintains his consistency and integrity in everything he’s faced with. He knows that with the approach of college and the future that life won’t get easier. Although he doesn’t know exactly what he wants to do in the future, Lambert knows he will always continue to work hard no matter where the future takes him.