Are you sipping in the right spot?

After I went around to every water fountain in the halls of North Penn High School, I recorded data for each one to find out the best and worst ones from which to get that much needed hydration,

Water fountain in 1st floor Epod by the library.

TOWAMENCIN- When your water bottle is a sip away from empty but your class is on the other side of the building, there are many choices on which water fountain to go to. With over 3,000 bodies to keep hydrated, there are 19 water fountains throughout the North Penn halls. The one that will be worth the walk may be a lot closer than you think.   

Average room temperature water is 68 degrees Fahrenheit and water out of your refrigerator is normally 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Warm water can be good for digestion, detoxification of your body, and can be used as a natural pain reliever. However cold water is absorbed faster by your body, it decreases body temperature, and aids in weight loss.  

After going around to each water fountain in North Penn High School, I recorded the temperature, power, location, cleanliness, and functionality of each one, 19 in total. Out of a scale from 1-10, 10 being the best, I rated each one to find out which fountain was worth the walk.


Marissa Werner
Information of all 19 water fountains around North Penn High School!


Cpod 1st floor has the highest average out of all of the fountains for several reasons. It is the most powerful one so you can maximize the amount of water than can fill your water bottle without touching the spout. There is not much work to push the button, saving you from breaking a sweat, but seriously… the pushability of that water fountain button is so underrated. The location is not ideal, since many students do not have class in Cpod at all,  especially sophomores. But the pros outweigh the cons making this the best spot to visit for a drink.

The coldest spot to find is to the left side of the map in the Main Concourse, also known as the Oasis at 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This fountain is located right outside of the principal’s office…interesting…(wink, wink). But it is also the weakest one and requires a lot of work to get out a tiny amount of water.  

The warmest one is located in Bpod at a balmy 77 degrees fahrenheit. You could be aiming for a warm fountain, but one that is almost 80 degrees…you might as well boil it.

Marissa Werner
Water fountain in the main cafe- ranked the worst overall.

The one water fountain you want to avoid is the one in the Main Cafeteria. It isn’t the cleanest, the power and working ability is awful, but the location is the worst. Yes it is in the main part of the cafeteria where many students are, but it is located right next the lines of trash cans. Eww.

But even though the location is bad it isn’t worse than the right side of the map in the main concourse. There is always a clog of people right there especially.

Almost every student carries around a reusable water bottle, so why not refill it at the right stop!



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