Ladkilove, an uplifiting nonprofit organization


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Ladkilove sells jewelry at the International Spring Festival

TOWAMENCIN- Students who affect change in the world. I have met people in my life who fit into that category, but nothing has compared to the other day when I sat down with North Penn junior Akshaya Venkateshwaran.  Venkateshwaran used to live in California but moved to North Penn in 8th grade, bringing her ambition and wonder with her. The sole focus she has put those traits into is a nonprofit organization called Ladkilove.

Venkateshwaran and a couple friends paid a trip to India one summer and witnessed the horrible conditions and situations that Indian girls are faced with.  With the thought of doing something to help them that started in the 5th grade, the girls had a spark which turned into a nationwide flame.

“We are partnered with an organization called Homes of Hope, and they help build houses for abandoned or abused girls and they also help them receive a higher education. So right now we are sending our money to them and want to expand more into the education aspect of it and focus on getting them into better academic positions,” explained Venkateshwaran.

The girls decided to sell jewelry as a way to help raise money for their organization. They started with just chokers but have escalated into selling necklaces, bracelets, and soon earrings.   

“On most of our jewelry our primary charms are the Lotus and the Venus charm. The Venus is a symbol of female of empowerment and associated with females. The Lotus charm is more specific for India, because there it represents freedom and beauty,” said Venkateshwaran.

The organization has since spread since its original founding in California. There are multiple branches now in California in addition to the one at North Penn, and one in Massachusetts. In total there is over 20 students involved throughout the branches.

“Our goal is to get at least one branch in every state in the country and maybe internationally but right now we just really want to keep expanding in the United States. Using social media and partnering with different organizations is getting our products to more interested people,” explained  Venkateshwaran.

By selling the jewelry in school and setting up stands at community festivals, they have sold thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. Between the different branches more people are aware of the issue. Schools have reached out to Ladkilove through social media to ask to start the club at their schools.

“Ladki Love was a way for me to work with the people I love, for something beyond us. Akshaya, Aditi, Rashmi (the other founders) and I have been friends since elementary school and we’ve always had this desire to do something more. We are all very passionate and driven people, so when inspiration struck, Ladkilove was born. Despite the fact that Akshaya lives across the country, Ladkilove keeps us connected while also benefiting others. Not only does Ladkilove help the young girls we raise money and advocate for, it creates a community of people who are all recognizing their privilege and working towards a common cause. From the founding team to the ambassadors to anyone who has donated or purchased one of our products, we are all part of one narrative that is simply aiming to do more and start meaningful conversations along the way,” explains founder and ambassador Shruthi Adusumilli located in the California High School Branch.

To find learn about Ladkilove visit their website,

Online purchasing, blogs, and donations can all be found there.

“Anyone, anywhere, can help,” remarked Akshaya Venkateshwaran.