Save a life and get a furry friend


Skyler Simpson

Staff writer, Syler Simpson talks about why it's important to adopt a dog if you find yourself looking for a furry friend.

Dogs- the definition of a man’s best friend. Dogs are the only animals that love their owners more than they love themselves, and that just speaks for their personality. Dogs are shown to be loyal, compassionate, and loving. These furry friends will never leave their human’s side, ready to alert them at every doorbell ring or rustling squirrel, so why is it that some of them are being forgotten in shelters? 

1.6 million dogs are adopted each year. There are various places to get pets, with breeders being one of the most popular. However, if someone is looking to adopt a dog, there’s a better way to do it: through an animal shelter.

To end up at an animal shelter, a dog has either been returned by its owner, found on the streets, or it wasn’t adopted quickly enough from a breeder. These dogs are put at risk for euthanization unless someone adopts them. There are a few no-kill shelters around, but the fact is, even though a shelter will say it’s “no-kill,” it probably is.

Most people will turn to those breeders to find their pup, turning a blind eye to the dogs who deserve a second chance. Of course, bred dogs should be adopted, but with most of the population getting their canines from breeders already, the shelter is the better choice.

Unfortunately, the common reason why dogs are dropped off at shelters are because an owner doesn’t want them anymore. Often, the poor pups have been mistreated, so some might have emotional issues. Some examples include separation anxiety, food aggression, submission, and antisocial behavior. This doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be adopted, though. They’re just like people, with their own problems. It’s a great opportunity for a pet owner to train their rescue dog to break the bad habits, just as someone would do for a small child.

So, if you want a pet, the shelter is the way to go. Below are various shelters in the area, full of furry friends waiting for a second chance. – (This is where I got my dog! He’s pictured above.)