More than just art, Park creating her own image

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TOWAMENCIN- “I’ve always done art; I can remember being interested in it since I was little,” shared North Penn High School junior, Katie Park. Park is well known at North Penn for her artistic talent, and can often be seen carrying around a board with drawings in progress. Park’s passion for art flourished in middle school, and she has since improved her skills in high school.

“In ninth grade I was really interested in fashion, and I eventually drifted towards lettering and drawing,” said Park.

Park has had her high school art classes planned out since middle school, per the suggestions of her art teacher. In her sophomore year, she took Art 1, and this year, she takes AP Art Drawing and AP Art History. She is enjoying AP Art this year because she gets to choose what she creates.

“Your AP exam is your portfolio from the year, and in the portfolio, you need 24 pieces, and you get to choose everything that you do. It’s nice because I like having control of what I do, but it is a lot of work; I’m always drawing. I feel like people don’t think [art] is hard, or that is takes a while, but it really is a lot of work,” shared Park.

12 pieces of her portfolio are “concentration” pieces, which share a common theme. Her theme is deterioration of physical and mental, and they are coming along well. The other 12 pieces in the portfolio are “breath” pieces, which can be anything that showcases art skills in different medias.

“I’m doing a mix of styles, like paintings and drawings, because they like to see a variety,” said Park.

Next year, Park plans on taking AP art 2D design, and electronic art. She is excited to take electronic art, because she has never learned about graphic design, and it is something she thinks is good to know. Though she doesn’t know exactly where her art will take her, she knows that she wants to continue it.

“Yes, I want to do art in the future; I don’t really know what [for] yet. Not specifically be an artist, but something in the arts, like design. I’m interested in doing visuals for music artists, because art that I want to create goes along with that,” she shared.

Park’s favorite form of her art is drawing, but many people don’t know about her other artistic interests.

“I used to do a lot of lettering and fashion design, and I like painting on clothing. A lot of people don’t know that I do photography. My dad and my grandpa were photographers, and they taught me everything I know,” said Park.

Park’s passion for art is clear just from talking to her and looking at her pieces, and her work ethic, talent, and love for the arts set her apart.

“I like art because I just like being able to create my own things, and seeing things different ways. When I envision a project, I am able to see myself create and complete it,” expressed Park.

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