Simple Smiles: Sheridan Schempp


North Penn Music Aides

Left to right: Sierra Schempp, Joy Schempp, Sheridan, Fred Schempp, Kylie Schempp. Sheridan Schemp is pictured with his family at Community Knight senior recognition.

There are many different types of people in the world. Some are intimidating, some are hilarious, some are painfully shy, and some are opinionated and not afraid to speak out. Honestly, some people are more enjoyable to be around than others. These are the people who are kind and caring no matter what. These are the people who always have the power to make one smile even on the worst of days. One of these people is Sheridan Schempp.

One activity that Schempp is involved in is the Christian club, which he finds is a great way to see old friends and make new ones who share a passion for faith. Schempp, however, is more known for his involvement in the North Penn Marching Knights as a sousaphone player and the band treasurer. Schempp explained that music has always been important to him.

I’ve done it since elementary school and it’s a passion”

— Sheridan Schempp

“I’ve done it since elementary school and it’s a passion,” he said.

As a result of this, he decided to join the Marching Knights two years ago. He made the decision to join again this year because of the tight knit community and the feeling of a family. He plans to continue marching with the Reading Buccs after high school, since he cannot imagine life without marching band.

“Doing that activity is a big challenge, and to watch it over and over again makes it really cool. To see everyone in sync and doing it together just makes it different from any other activity,” explained Schempp.

Because of his positive attitude and his ability to make anyone instantly smile, Schempp is famous among the Marching Knights. When he first joined, he remembered what it was like to be a new member and recalled the support he received from others. Now everybody knows him because of the help he gives others through his positive attitude. There is not one single person who has something bad to say about him.

“After a long day of school, I always knew I could go to marching band and expect Sheridan there to greet me with a great smile and attitude, making my day instantly better,” said tuba section leader of the Marching Knights, Ryan McDonnell.

After a long day of school, I always knew I could go to marching band and expect Sheridan there to greet me with a great smile and attitude, making my day instantly better”

— Ryan McDonnell

At the beginning of the marching band season, the band nominates members for the offices of president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Schempp was nominated for every position, and in the end, he was voted treasurer.

“I was just startled that everyone would do that, but I was also really excited because that’s not normal.” recalled Schempp.

As a senior, Schempp will be very much missed by the Marching Knights next year. During the senior recognition at Community Knight, Schempp received an incredible amount of applause and cheers. His positive presence is something that everyone in the band has grown to love. Schempp did not go on the band trip to Hawaii over Thanksgiving break, and on one bus ride in Hawaii, band members decided to call Schempp because they missed him so much.

“I could hear everybody in the background yelling ‘Sheridan! Sheridan!’ and it was really cool. It was nice because then I didn’t feel left out,” remembered Schempp.

Schempp is always spreading cheer to those around him even on the gloomiest of days. He is always able to bring joy to everyone he meets.

“Sheridan’s optimistic view on life is contagious. There’s no other way to describe it; when Sheridan is happy, those around him are happy,” stated Marching Knights Band President, Ally Rothman.