Apps for All: Rekindling your long-distance relationship on Couple


Jackie Hanifin, Staff Writer

App: Couple

Price: Free

Are you in a long distance relationship wondering how you can keep the spark kindled? Is your relationship losing the excitement that was prominent in the beginning? Well, just like everything in our generation, there’s an app for that! Couple, the relationship app for two, allows you and a significant other to link up and share moments, dates, customized emojis and other special features. The app’s foundation is set up with a messaging screen which permits texting, calling, and skyping. Couple also allows each of you to enter dates into a calendar to organize anniversaries, birthdays, dinner dates, and other events to unify busy schedules. An unlimited list feature can also be utilized to plan future trips, wish lists, birthday ideas or even groceries. But the most unique element available to you is aspects like live drawing, GPS navigating, and thumb kissing! Play tic tac toe together with the live drawing element or match up your thumbs on your screen and thumb kiss whenever and wherever you are. Take a walk down memory lane at any moment to view all of your picture or sketches in the “moments” screen. This app elevates the boring, everyday texting into a flirty way to keep in touch with your partner.