A look inside the cabinet; catching up with the class advisors

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A look inside the cabinet; catching up with the class advisors

Mary Nguyen

NPHS class advisors (L to R): Mr. Mike Hertz, Mrs. Maria Pfeiffer, Mr. Jon Fluck, Mr. Brian Christopher, Ms. Mary Scott, and Ms. Anya Assous take time out on Halloween to discuss the life of a class advisor.

Mary Nguyen, Staff Writer

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TOWAMENCIN- Sometimes as a student here in North Penn, you have no idea what goes on in your school, better yet, even in your own class. But six people might change your whole perspective on your involvement in school events. Meet the sophomore, junior and senior class advisors.

Mrs. Maria Pfeiffer and Mr. Jon Fluck advise the sophomore class, Ms. Anya Assous and Mr. Brian Christopher advise the junior class, and Ms. Mary Scott and Mr. Michael Hertz advise the senior class.

“Class cabinet is the student council organization at the high school and it’s obviously for the class, for the grade. So we run any of the events that affect your specific grade or school as well. Students need representation and sophomores, juniors, and seniors all have different things going on and they need a good group of students to be their voice.” explained French teacher Ms. Assous.

Class Cabinet starts in middle school as student council and for all of you out there who want to join, here’s how.

“For sophomores, they were chosen by each middle school advisor through whatever their methods and means, and then they come to us at the high school” added Fluck.

Mrs. Pfeiffer who is also a sophomore class advisor said “Join! I think its great way for students to lead events, and other students are more likely to participate if their friends and fellow students are planning the activities.”

For the junior class cabinet it’s a little different.

“For the junior class, it’s an open application; anybody in the school can apply. There is a pretty lengthy Q&A component to the application and then there is an interview portion. And it happens at the end of sophomore year,” explained Assous.

And the qualities that the class cabinet advisors look for?

“Mr. Christopher and I look for someone who loves North Penn, someone who is creative, who is enthusiastic about their school and someone who is a leader. We really want students who will go above and beyond and do everything that they can as a student leader- calling for a DJ, ordering invitations, going online, and picking out decorations, and figuring out a budget” Assous also added.

The junior class is also hosting and planning winter ball this year which the only dance that allows all grades to come and mingle together.

“We can’t give out any details or reveal any tricks up our sleeve but the dance takes place in the gymnasium so we can’t go too crazy and we need to keep the school safe and clean. So far, things have been progressing very smoothly. Our president and winter ball co-chair Josh Bower is doing a phenomenal job so everything is going according to plan” said Assous.

And of course, there is the senior class cabinet.

“For the senior class, it’s kind of like what the juniors do. There is an application, interview, and then we select from there. Usually by senior year, we cut down the number of students in the cabinet” explained Hertz.

Biology teacher Ms. Scott also added, “You need someone who is willing to put themselves out there. But you also need that person who will go out there looking like an idiot to promote events. And you need someone outgoing to get people excited about being part of the class of 2014, 15, and 16.”

As for all seniors, the million dollar question right now is,” are you going on the senior class trip?”

Scott also explained “We are competing with senior week; the difference between the Disney trip and senior week is really chaperones. I have a lot of kids say they’re going on a different trip for the same cost, but what they don’t know is they will never have this opportunity again to chill with their friends and the six coolest class advisors ever.”

“She’s referring to us obviously,” Fluck joked.

Fluck also added, “It is the greatest trip you will go on. I think through our general enthusiasm, talking to the kids, and showing pictures and videos, we’ll get them all hyped up. I’ve talked to kids that have graduated, and they always say it’s the most fun they have had in any school sponsored event with chaperones. And that the four days in Disney is truly the most fun they had in their entire school career. And it’s hard to show the kids that when we say senior class trip, they think of a regular school trip, but it’s the least chaperoned trip they’ll ever be on. We only wake them up at eight in the morning, we put them on the bus, get them in the park, let them hang out and catch up with them eight hours later, and make sure they all get home safe back to the hotel.”

Mrs. Pfeiffer also noted, “I graduated from high school about twelve years ago, and my friends and I still talk about the Disney trip and how much fun we had and how we’re still BFFs.”

“And the worse part of the trip is, coming home and hearing all the kids that didn’t go say they regret not going. So we’re going to do everything it takes to get the entire class to go so they don’t miss out on all the fun,” explained Fluck.

Scott also added one more last thing “Primarily, our goal is for students to have fun in their grade. We fundraise, we plan dances, we plan powder puff, we make sure Reflections night goes smoothly , we have an awesome class night, we plan the Disney trips, and we want the confetti cannons to go off at graduation and have every student in that class to have priceless memories of high school to look back on.”