A Touch of France from Alice’s Bakery in North Wales


Ella Lundquist

There's nothing like a hot cup of coffee and a moist cupcake to make the day go well. Alice's in North Wales offers this and much more.

Ella Lundquist, Staff Writer

NORTH WALES – No need to travel to France for your baguettes and croissants; on South Main Street North Wales there is a quaint cottage style building with sweet smells and good things happening inside. Opened in November 2011, Alice’s Bakery and Confectionary brings pastries and breads with a French flare to the North Penn area.

Behind the counter you can find bakery owner Dennis Darr who trained as a pastry chef in Chicago before opening Alice’s.

“I was inspired to follow a culinary career at an early age by my Grandmother, Alice, and I named my shop in honor of her,” he said. Each morning Darr gets up at 3:45am to make fresh food until the bakery is closed at 6pm. 

Upon entering Alice’s, your eyes will be immediately drawn to the glass case holding an array of treasured pastries including croissants, sticky buns (their most popular item), and pain au chocolat for you to either take home or enjoy inside with a café du lait (coffee with milk).

Maybe it’s the smell of the freshly baked French breads, or maybe it’s the variety of different pastries available, but the atmosphere of Alice’s seems to transport you to a quiet side street in Paris where you can pause and reflect on life’s simplest pleasures.

Junior Adrienne Newcomer, a North Wales local can attest to this and admits to “coming here too often.” This customer was attracted to the multiple cupcakes offered and sampled several of them including a peanut butter cupcake, a red velvet cupcake, a vanilla cupcake, a mint chocolate cupcake, and a crumb cake. All options were both unique and excellent. And by the way that the regulars were stopping by to pick up their morning baguettes, I suspected that they were equally delicious.  

When asked what Alice’s specialty was, Dennis paused and remarked “Everything, if we don’t do it very well then we don’t do it at all.” This includes not only breakfast and pastry items but also a lunch menu that includes soups, salads, quiche, and specialty sandwiches with interesting names such as Goudalicious and Bello. However, Dennis finally admitted that his favorite was the Chocolate Mac cookies and that they were best with milk before bed.

Check this place out and you will not be disappointed!

129 South Main Street  

North Wales, PA 19454
(267) 613-8380



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