Travers Makes New Home in College/Career Center

Annie Rider

Mr. Bill Travers enters his 28th year at NPHS, but this year presents a new role as he takes over in the College and Career Center.

Marisa Wherry, Staff Writer

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TOWAMENCIN- If you’re looking for an educator who excels on and off the academic field, Mr. William Travers is your man. An ex-football coach, math teacher, and guidance counselor, Mr. Travers is now starting his 43rd year in education, 28th year at North Penn High School, and first year in the College and Career Center.

Although Mr. Travers appreciates his experiences at different positions throughout the school, he values the classroom dynamic the most.

“The one thing I really loved about education…it’s a new beginning every year, it’s new kids, it’s new…stories.”

Mr. Travers believes that change is good, so he is ready to embrace his new position in the college and career center, and already has some ideas on how to influence and inform the student body more effectively about post-high school education. He hopes to start working with groups of students rather than just individuals by working in the classroom and setting up workshops, such as the College Application Night scheduled for Tuesday, September 18 at 7:30pm in the Auditorium.

 Mr. Travers understands the importance of technology in students’ lives, which is why he wants the College and Career Center to become more technologically advanced via Facebook and Twitter. The motivation behind these simple yet effective changes rests on an undeniable fact: the college application process can be an overwhelming experience especially because some students are the first in their families seeking to attend a university. With this in mind, Mr. Travers tries to eliminate the anxiety associated with college.

In order to ease the burden of applying and getting accepted to college, Mr. Travers has developed a simple philosophy.

“The student’s job is to get accepted at the school. Then the parents and the students sit down to decide which school is the best for that family.” He also recommends that students apply to schools with various levels of competitiveness and visiting each school before applying to them.

Assisting in this daunting process is a central part of Mr. Travers’ role at NPHS, but he is always striving to be even more polished and effective in this and other roles.

 “When I leave at the end of the day I never felt like I accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish…you’re working for that ideal but hopefully you’ll never get there. Because if you think you’re there, you’re only going downhill, right? I’m looking for perfection, but trust me, after 42 years I haven’t gotten it yet so maybe this is going to be the year,” he said with a glimmer of sincerity in his eye.  “I doubt it, but I’ll try,” he added with a ready chuckle in his throat.

Welcome to your new position at the College and Career Center, Mr. Travers, and to a new chance at finding perfection.