A Wunderbar Time At This Year’s Deutschklub


submitted by Max Wein

A JOLLY STANDEE – An ersatz Olaf Scholz, the chancellor of Germany, stands in the German club’s shirt.

There’s not a single doppelgänger to be found among the people in this club, taking in the joys of German culture that is far beyond kitsch. Walking into the room, with German colors spread all throughout, and German cultural symbols and labels for everyday items in the language, anyone can agree that Deutschklub is teeming with character.

This past week was the second general meet for the club, where snacks were offered and plans for this year were set in motion. Designs for this year’s t-shirt were thrown around and the cabinet shared their enthusiasm for the future.

The newly arrived German Teacher, Christine Moll, shared some of those plans and her vision for the club after the few not-so-normal years that have passed by North Penn.

“My vision for the club is to continue to offer enriching German cultural experiences to North Penn students. With the help of members who have participated in previous years, I would like to offer some or all of the experiences they are familiar with, and I would like to offer new experiences as well. For example, we are looking forward to attending the Christkindelmarkt in Philadelphia next month, like the club has done in the past, and in the spring we will hopefully travel to the Goethe-Institut in New York City for a new experience,” Moll explained.

With some exciting plans to continue the traditions of previous years, and to start new activities, Frau Moll commented on the invaluable experience and responsibility of her cabinet. The new blood of the cabinet is hoping to revivify it with their teacher’s vision and work with her in whatever ways they can. The club’s president, Hannah Leming, mentioned that she hopes she can collaborate with Frau Moll to prepare the club for future years when later cabinets are chosen.

“[…] I really want to make it feel like I am not just continuing what Herr Baker [the previous German teacher] already did, which is why I am considering Frau Moll’s ideas, and letting her really lead the club. To be honest, I will be leaving this club next year, but Frau Moll is going to be in it until she stops teaching, so I really wanted to make this a collaborative effort where it’s more her than me but also [have] elements of the old German club too,” Leming said.

For the members of the club, it is an opportunity to express their mutual love of all things German. As the year slowly approaches normality, Moll and her students hope to share all things German as a part of the NPHS community and have the best time they can. Absolutely anyone is welcome to the club, as no German language experience is required, however, $5 dues are required. The next meeting should be sometime in December.