NPHS students send teachers messages of thanks

While all that’s happened this year has been unprecedented for everyone, teachers have definitely had their fair share of challenges. With having to completely move their curriculum online after the shutdown in March, and bravely taking on the task of teaching in a hybrid environment even before they were able to be vaccinated, teachers have truly gone above and beyond to give their students the best education possible. Having all these teachers in mind, North Penn High School students reflect on their gratitude for teachers, especially during these trying times.


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I think this year, my teachers have put in a lot of effort to bring normalcy to my classes. It was a bit of a challenge because everything was changed, but they persisted and found new ways to keep classes productive and interactive. I’m glad my teachers were able to stay positive and productive throughout the year, because it has made my senior year one to remember!”

— Ryan Heng, NPHS Senior

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With everything that’s been going on this year, I really admire all of the hard work that my teachers have put into their lessons, especially to accommodate hybrid learning. It’s been very easy to fall behind on assignments this year, but all of my teachers have been super considerate and understanding of all the stress that their students are under!”

— Hannah Worthington, NPHS Senior

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I really appreciate how even in a blended learning environment, my art classes have been able to do projects and even preform our concerts. It means a lot that they put so much work into figuring out how to make it possible. As for my other teachers, they are really accepting of technology issues like my wifi not working or my dogs barking in the background.”

— Melanie Tanis, NPHS Senior

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Although this year has been extremely different for all of us, my teachers have allowed me to get to know them just as I would in person! Through these tough times, they have made sure that no matter where were, in school or in person, we would be given the same amount of energy and be taught with utmost effort! I can not thank my teachers enough because they have certainly made this year much easier to go through! Special thank you to: Mrs. Coyle, Mrs. Levandowski, Mrs. Wilkin, Mrs. Schmidt, and Mr. Collier for being so flexible and encouraging!”

— Sadia Rahat, NPHS Junior

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Mrs. McKee is the best teacher I have ever had. I was really sick last year and had to miss school because of it. She went out of her way to send me cards in the mail. She means the world to me.”

— Arianna Simpson, NPHS Senior

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Over this past year, my teachers have shown such amazing perseverance through all of the challenges, especially the new technology and way of teaching. I truly appreciate and am in awe of all the time and effort my teachers have put into making their classrooms accommodating and comfortable. So many of my teachers have found ways to personally check in with students and have taken time to step back from academics to have real-life conversations. Thank you to all teachers for all of your hard work.”

— Emma Worthington, NPHS Junior