Forbes’ foolproof guide to conquering senioritis


Mary (and Robert) Forbes

Are you fighting (and probably losing) a battle with the unavoidable senioritis? Staff writer Mary Forbes is here to save you.

With the faint ticking of an alarm clock droning on, a sleepy senior rolls over in the dark depths of their lair. As sunlight begins to beam through the cracks of the curtains, the anticipation of a new day begins to grow. Suddenly, the dinging is relinquished from the tiny little alarm. The buzzing is enough for the now restless brute to rise from their deep slumber. With as much energy as they could muster, the weary student reaches for their laptop, logs into first period, and begrudgingly announces their attendance before allowing their head to once again hit the pillow.

With seniors’ final high school days rapidly approaching, senioritis is the latest pandemic sweeping through the halls of North Penn. Whether you’re completely virtual, hybrid, or five-day, the anticipation of graduation and summertime is overwhelming. But, with some helpful tips and tricks, senioritis can be easily managed.


1-Drinking caffeinated beverages

In healthy amounts, caffeinated beverages can boost your energy and help push you through your morning routine. Whether it’s an early morning physics lab, or United States government exam, a fresh cup of coffee is your best friend. North Penn senior Rojin Mortazavi shares her learned benefits of having a cup of coffee before classes.

“Before having a cup of coffee during my morning classes, I was sluggish and couldn’t focus,” Mortazavi stated, “Now, I feel refreshed and ready for my classes. Especially going into the fourth marking period, I wanted to be awake for my first few classes, and not worry about dozing off.”


2-Changing virtual locations

If you’re a virtual or hybrid student, this tip is for you. Changing locations throughout your house can be helpful for both your academic focus and mental health. Staying in your bedroom all day can not only lead to boredom, but can also force you back into bed to take a nap. Moving your laptop and school work into the dining room, kitchen, living room, basement, or even your shed, can help maintain focus and concentration throughout the entire school day.


3-Setting multiple alarms

When all else fails, setting multiple alarms between every class period is a must. From first period to eighth, having emergency reminders constantly buzzing will put off the idea of falling back to sleep. And, even if you do, you’ll be jolted awake in between classes to make certain you’ll be wide awake throughout the day. 



This can also be used for those in five-day learning; sometimes the class lectures and room temperature creates the perfect recipe for a nice afternoon snooze. Although your teachers may give you a severe look of disdain, at least you’re being attentive and caring about your individual needs.

Although senioritis has proved to be an extraordinary obstacle this year, it can easily be tamed with some helpful advice. From the heart of E-Pod to the comfort of your own bedroom, these three tips can make certain you finish off your high school experience strong.