Looking ahead to Spring


Maggie Robinson

Staff writer Maggie Robinson looks ahead to the happiness that blooms with spring.

Spring is coming! Yes, you read that right, spring is on the way. It may not feel like it given the amount of snow still left on the ground in many areas, but it is on the horizon.  St

I think this year, more so than most other years, people are anticipating the arrival of spring, especially those who chose not to participate in indoor activities this winter due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

While the first day of spring isn’t until Saturday, March 20th, there are still signs that the new season is right around the corner.

For instance, the clocks spring forward on March 14th. While we may lose an hour of sleep, it will be nice to have it lighter out later in the evening so we can enjoy some outdoor activities.

If your family is anything like mine, you have space set aside for a garden somewhere in your yard. Now is a great time to get started on the garden. You can start your seeds inside so they have time to germinate and grow stronger without having to worry about the up and down weather conditions. Depending upon what you plan on growing, seeds should be started six to eight weeks before the last frost. According to “The Old Farmer’s Almanac,” the last frost is expected May 1st this year. 

There are still indoor dining restrictions limiting the number of people allowed to eat in a restaurant at the same time. While this originally hurt restaurants, many of them adapted to the Covid-19 restrictions put in place by the government by offering outdoor dining. Although some restaurants had outdoor dining available during the winter, more options should be available as the weather gets nicer. Not only is this good for people who aren’t comfortable eating indoors yet, but it is also good for the businesses. 

For most of us, spring sports were canceled last year as the Covid-19 pandemic had just begun in the United States. Whether you play for school or a local recreation league, spring sports are getting ready to start up. I play softball for North Penn Valley Girls Softball Association and  I can’t wait to get back out on the field with my friends. While there will be restrictions in place to keep everyone safe, playing with restrictions is better than not playing at all. #maskup

Even if you don’t play a sport, there are still a lot of things you can do outside. Here’s a few ideas for you to consider:

  • Going to Freddy Hill Farms to play miniature golf, hit some golf balls at the driving range or hit in the batting cages 
  • Driving to Nockamixon State Park with your family or friends to take a hike or go kayaking
  • Going for a bike ride or taking a walk on the Liberty Bell Trail
  • Having a cookout in your backyard


The highlight of spring for me is Rita’s Water Ice opening back up for the season. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to take a walk with my friends and family to grab a gelati. If you’re wondering, my favorite gelati combination is Swedish fish ice with vanilla custard. 

Regardless of your interests, there’s something for everyone to do during the spring season to help wash away winter blues.