Snow way to pass up a good hill

Construction of the stadium leads to unintended fun at NPHS.


Colin Davis

As a result of the Crawford Stadium renovation taking place, a new sledding attraction has risen right next to the softball fields.

Along with the likes of the rooftop of the parking garage in the heart of Lansdale, there is a new attraction in the community that has come to fruition by accident. What was originally just a massive mound of dirt due to the construction at Crawford Stadium, has now turned into a sledding destination for family and friends alike. The slope is a scary sight at first glance, but after going down once it is a great experience.

“I genuinely was never going to go down it,” said Kelsie Macintosh. “It is so tall and I really didn’t want to. My friends convinced me and I won’t lie, it was actually fun.”

Macintosh, a Junior at North Penn, was at the hill with a couple of friends on Monday enjoying the four-day weekend. The hill from the top of it oversees all of Lansdale and is a great sightseeing spot as well. The hill, just beyond the outfield fence of North Penn’s girl’s softball field, has been used by both kids and adults alike. Senior Landry Holt, a senior soccer player for North Penn, took some time off the pitch to have fun in the cold.

“It’s really something fun to do on your day off,” said Holt. “There’s really nothing better than going sledding or boarding right after it snows.”

While Blue Mountain Resort is a popular destination for a lot of the prominent snowboarders in the area, this provides a more safe experience and is way less cost-effective. Holt, also with her friends, said that only being a couple of minutes away from her house is really convenient.

“I love that it’s so close to home,” said Holt. “I’m able to get there at any time and go sledding with a couple of friends.”