Words I never want to hear after the Coronavirus pandemic is over


Olivia Hannigan

The Coronavirus pandemic has allowed us to give words a whole new meaning.

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, a few words have been floating around that we may have heard over and over and over. These words may haunt us in our dreams to years to come- maybe they’ll even be in some poor high school student’s history textbook years from now! With that thought, if someone were to take the words that have been worn to nothing in these past few weeks, what would they be?


Before this, the word quarantine was a thing I only believed to see in movies and sci – fi movies. Complete with puffy white suits and odd buildings completely underground, flooded with scientists and undercover government officials, I could only sit and laugh at the people in the movies and how they took their situation. Now that this is the reality and there’s a shocking lack of hidden aliens or movie monsters, I want a refund. 

Self Isolation

The phrase ‘self isolation’ technically files under quarantine, but it holds a whole other punch to it. It makes it seem like this is something we all chose to do, like we can just go outside whenever and nothing will happen. I will give it one thing though: It does sound pretty noble when you use it in conversation. It gives off the vibe of a romantic Disney movie, and that’s really all you need in life. 

Distance learning

We all survived our first week of online learning! It was shockingly easy and not too big of a deal for a pretty big portion of the student body- with exceptions, of course.  It still sends a sense of dread over everyone when they log on to Google Classroom and read those words, though. 

Six feet

The magic number of the pandemic! Six! With social distancing regulations in play, everyone must be six feet apart when talking to another person. Whether or not this actually works could be up for debate, but it’s best to play it safe. Still, that doesn’t stop everyone from groaning whenever anyone says it. From here on out, the words ‘six feet’ are taboo. Your height is six feet? Find another way. 

Toilet paper

I think everyone knows where this one is going. During the pandemic, toilet paper has become a luxury. One I daresay may be equal to liquid gold! I might be exaggerating here a bit, but it’s still a commodity that you can hardly find in stores anymore. After this is all over, toilet paper may just go back to being what it was before. Or, it could go the other way and gain so much power that it controls the country- like Amazon or Apple. Imagine a world where the United States is run by Downy. And no, this is not sponsored in any way, shape or form 


This one pretty much explains itself. Nobody knows how long we’re in isolation for – it could be weeks from now that we get out! So for everyone’s sanity, please stop posting about how bored you are every five seconds on your story. Everyone’s in the same boat so please, just keep it in the group chat like the rest of us.  

Panic shopping

Again, this one falls under a wide variety of words. Panic spending, buying etc. It’s a huge issue, people getting scared and buying an insane amount of things to hoard in their houses. They don’t stop to think about the people who can’t afford to buy in bulk or those who pulled up to the store a little too late. This one honestly just makes everyone mad- buy what you need and save some for everyone else, please!

Finally, the word Corona itself. 

Since February, I would think every morning “today is the day I go without hearing or seeing the word Corona” but no, it never happened. I don’t think it’s gonna happen for a long while after this, but it’d still be nice to not have to hear that word for a long, long while.