North Penn reacts to the cancellation of the 2019-2020 school year

Last week, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced that all schools would be closed in the state for the rest of the academic year. Many students, graduating seniors in particular, did not take the news well. Here are their reactions.

Connor Niszczak

The North Penn High School parking lot sits eerily empty…it will stay this way until at least September.

I feel pretty terrible. No senior prom, no graduation, no senior trip. It all just sucks.”

— Megan Dougherty, Senior


— Bridget Sweeney, Senior

It’s really depressing for the upper classmen and spring sports athletes.”

— Marissa Palumbo, Junior

A bit disappointed but also happy that I’ll be able to stay home and do what I’ve been doing.”

— Ben Heck, Junior

Completely devastated; I feel like I just lost everything in an instant.”

— Sara Conley, Senior

Not surprised. I can’t imagine being a senior right now but it’s necessary.”

— Victoria Demurat, Junior

Definitely sad but at least we’ll have less stress.”

— Sanaa Beaufort, Sophomore

I am upset but if it’s going to keep us safe then it is a smart choice.”

— Sara King, Sophomore

I’m feeling sad and mad because of the memories that we are losing due to school being closed.”

— Lizzie Martin, Junior

Bagged because I won’t see my school friends again.”

— Jojo Dalwadi, Junior

I’m pretty upset about prom and Shrek but I try not to complain about it too much.”

— Cyarra Cobbs, Senior

It seemed a bit inevitable, so I wasn’t surprised. I’ve already resigned myself to the idea for better or worse. I do feel really bad for the seniors though. If I was in their place, I’d be devastated. ”

— Kirsten Mayland, Junior

I’m in shock. I can’t believe that random Thursday was our last day at school.”

— Dani Staber, Junior

Honestly after everything else that got cancelled (music trips and concerts), I’m just numb to every new announcement. Honestly it’s expected that more places are going to close and more future events are going to be cancelled if this doesn’t get any better”

— Madi Cullen, Junior

I’m sad that I won’t get to complete my junior year and that all the fun events were cancelled. I’m also disappointed that I won’t get to see my senior friends again.”

— Melissa Miller, Junior

We all kind of knew it was coming, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t disappointing. No junior prom or senior prom with my boyfriend before he leaves for college next year and no MiniTHON. I think this whole thing hits the sports teams and the arts the worst. Spring sports are cancelled, Chamber Singers and Men’s/Women’s Choirs are cancelled, not to mention the hours of rehearsal the members of the spring musical are missing.”

— Jillian Shelly, Junior

I’m very disappointed that our school year ended three months early. I am going to miss all the laughs and good times with my friends and all the teachers that cared so much about me.”

— Alyssa Pisut, Junior

It is very upsetting-I can’t imagine how the seniors feel-but I think Governor Wolf’s decision was hasty.”

— Laura Santangelo, Junior

I’m sad that Shrek is cancelled, and sad that I won’t get to see people, but I’m working a lot more and making money, so…win win!”

— Kris Fink, Junior