10 things to do while in quarantine


Hannah Nguyen

Finding things to do during quarantine just got easier. From arts and crafts to cleaning your entire kitchen, there’s always something you can do.

At this stage of social distancing, we’re all slowly reaching the point of frustration—or maybe some people have already made it there. Feeling like you’ve done all that you can possibly do by now? Here are 10 more things you can do while in quarantine.

1. Art

Bring out your creative side by making art. You can try out different mediums, new DIYs, or activities like papier-mâché or origami.

2. Cooking/Baking

Put your cooking skills to the test by experimenting with new recipes. You can try recipes from different cultures or with different dietary restrictions like vegan or vegetarian. Or, you can work on some current recipes. Does it need to be sweeter? Saltier? Spicier? Use this quarantine as a time to improve on some recipes.

3. Focus on improving your health

Remember when you said you never had the time to get in some daily exercise? Well, now you have all this time to improve your health. You can start by waking up early, increasing your water intake, including some daily exercise, eating healthier meals, or getting the proper hours of sleep. Your pick.

You can also take on some new things by meditating, going on a phone/social media detox, or trying out new skincare or exercises.

4. Enlighten yourselves with books, podcasts, and documentaries

This isn’t the time to stop learning. Use Netflix or whatever streaming service you may use to its complete potential. Learn about economics, the environment, or other cultures through a documentary, book, or podcast. The list of things you can learn goes on, just figure out what you’re interested in and search up something about it.

5. Create something 

If drawing or painting is not your thing, you can be creative by writing stories, poems, or songs. You can also get into photography and still make art with it.

6. Organize/clean your life

This is the perfect time to get your life situated. Clean and organize your house and set things aside to donate, throw out, or refurbish—think Marie Kondo. Clean your electronics and delete nonessential apps or photos or go through your Google Drive and create the folders so that everything is organized. Are your shoes getting a little dirty? Take the time to clean your shoes for once. Car washes are closed, so try cleaning it yourself. Get rid of all of the trash you may have left in there. You can also use this moment to set goals for yourself and create a daily schedule. Use apps, an agenda book or even scrap paper, or alarms to set reminders.    

7. Learn/start/try something new

We now have all the time in the world to experience something new. You can learn a new instrument, teach yourself how to sew, knit, or crochet, start a blog or journal and maybe learn calligraphy while you’re at it. Test out new hairstyles or dye or cut your hair; if it doesn’t look good, don’t worry because who is going to see it? Go on TikTok 24/7? Learn one or all of the dances.

Taught yourself how to sew? Use your new skills to make some face masks.



8. Relearn something you forgot about

Maybe you haven’t spent the time working on something you used to know. Haven’t played the piano in a while? Get back to it and relearn some old songs or learn something new. Missing your language class? Read a book or watch a movie in that language or use a language app to improve your speaking and listening skills. When was the last time you wrote in cursive? Perhaps it was when you had to sign your name on a form for something. Stop making loops and hoping that it looks like cursive and try teaching yourself it again.

9. Call a loved one or write thank-you notes

Even though you can’t speak to people in person, you can still communicate with them on the phone or through email. Call a parent, friend, or relative and ask about their day or talk about yours. Write to the elderly in retirement homes or those who are helping to keep us safe and give them your best wishes.

Links so you can write to people:







10. Get back to something you forgot about or set aside for later 

Have you ever told yourself that you would get to something later, but you completely forgot about it? Well, later is now. Do you have a broken lamp, door, or knob? Try fixing it, and if it’s still broken after, at least it made you busy. Do you have books you forgot to finish reading or even writing? Get back to it and finish it. Were you working on an art piece, puzzle, or bracelet and never had the time to finish it? Work on it now. What about something you haven’t gotten to yet like an application for a scholarship or internship? Start and finish it now.

Even though being in quarantine prevents you from doing the things you used to do before, we can think of it as something positive that pushes us to think outside the box and to do something different. Being in quarantine is not an excuse to lay around and complain about being bored. Take this time to be productive and find things that keep you entertained.