What North Penn took for granted #BeforeCOVID

As the North Penn community continues through our third week of quarantineing, many of us are realizing many aspects of daily life that we took for granted. North Penn High School students share what they’ve learned.

Going to school and getting to see my friends. But I think the country in general took for granted the cashiers, truck drivers, gas station workers, janitors, and other essential workers who work to keep our country running all year and are finally getting the recognition they deserve.”

— Bella Botero, Junior

Literally going outside. I know you still can now, but not without fear for your or other’s lives. That and a sense of normalcy and peace. Now, I’m afraid for everyone if I go anywhere because I will not allow someone to get sick at my expense.”

— Dani Staber, Junior

My social life.”

— Melanie Tanis, Junior

Going to practice every day after school.”

— Anthony Pavlik, Junior

Seeing my friends every day!”

— Dhara Patel, Junior


— Reagan Ertel, Junior

Mr. Manero’s first period class.”

— Jojo Dalwadi, Junior

Having a sleep schedule. I go to bed at like 7 am and I can’t fix it. School at least wore me out.”

— Rojin Mortazavi, Junior

Select vocal rehearsals. I miss getting to make beautiful music with a room of talented people.”

— Jillian Shelly, Junior

After-school rehearsals!”

— Sara Conley, Senior

Getting away from my family.”

— Jessica Mitchell, Senior

My teachers; I miss so many of them!”

— Kris Fink, Junior

Chamber Singers!”

— Bridget Sweeney, Senior

The ability to go shopping whenever I need something!”

— Melissa Miller, Junior

Driving to school and having a structured schedule!”

— Divya Sood, Senior

The (already limited) time I got with my friends.”

— Madison Cullen, Junior

Being able to have my friends come over.”

— Victoria Demurat, Junior

Going out to eat with my friends!”

— Mackenzie Sutton, Junior