NPTV PS4 & XBOX1 2k20 March Madness Tournament

16 spots, 1 victor All the bragging rights in the school at stake


Prasham Jobanputra

Semi-final round play is in the books. Read here for NPTV”s hosted gaming tournament recap.

TOWAMENCIN- Seniors of North Penn High School, here it is. Your chance to make your name known and show off your skill. If you have what it takes to battle on the court with an opposition via a controller and Ps4, or Xbox 1 joysticks, this is the tournament for you. For the first time ever, North Penn Television is hosting a 2k20 March Madness Tournament on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1 consoles, and any senior at North Penn High School has a chance to play. Rules and guidelines are down below on how to enter and earn 1 of 16 spots in the tournament running till April 24th.

Erik Jesberger
16 players, single elimination
1 round of play per week till 2 players remain

To enter you must:

Have a PlayStation , or Xbox 1 console

Have NBA 2k20

Be a Senior at North Penn High School


Single elimination, 16 player bracket.

Right side of bracket will be 8 Xbox 1 players playing each other, left side of bracket will be 8 PS4 players playing each other.

Best gamer from each console will face off at a time and place to be determined once we have our final two players left.

Each week, one round of play will commence (1 game played per week per player).

Game and round to round recaps will be updated and shown on North Penn Television’s Morning show every Friday (This will be reported on by myself, Erik Jesberger).

You win, you move onto next week. You lose, your eliminated.

Each player must record the game on their phone for honor ability and send to commissioner following the end of the game.

Any team from the game is fair to use, multiple players can use the same team.

How to enter:

Direct message myself, Erik Jesberger, your name, gamer tag, and your phone number on Instagram @erikj_2

An iMessage group chat will be put together consisting of the 16 players

The first 16 entries to the tournament via Instagram submission to my username, @erikj_2, will secure the 16 and 16 only spots in the bracket(aka: first come, first serve)


More details and rules will be provided to the 16 players who earn a spot in the bracket in the follow up iMessage group chat to be made shortly following the 16 tournament entries. Got a question? Contact myself, the tournament commissioner, @erikj_2, on Instagram for an answer. Best of luck!