Looking Back at the 2010s


TOWAMENCIN-Dust off those fidget spinners and find your collection of silly bands, it’s time to count our blessings and curses from the last decade – our last formidable years of childhood and adolescence.  For the next three weeks, The Knight Crier staff is going to flashback to the 2010s to review the best and worst of the decade.

We will be reviewing everything from the best memes, movies, fashion trends, and music to North Penn headlines and sports moments in the next three weeks. We will discuss what we hope to leave in the past 10 years as well as what we hope to see happen by the end of the upcoming decade.

Now is the time for your nostalgia to kick in as we remind you what the last decade had in store.

On Monday, December 9th, be prepared to look back on all things memes, movies, music, and fashion as staff writers Olivia Hannigan, Matt Featherson, Nick Deddy, and Simeon Barrett take a look back into the 2010s to discuss the best of our pop culture.

On the following Monday, December 16th, staff writers Connor Niszczak, Julia Smeltzer, Spencer Heilveil, and Skyler Simpson will be discussing what we would like to leave in the 2010s as well as the best headlines and sports moments here at North Penn. To conclude our decade series, Jojo Dalwadi will be predicting what the next decade will have in-store.

Be sure to keep an eye out the next three weeks to take a blast to the past as The Knight Crier Staff takes everyone back to the 2010s before we enter a new decade.