Did Someone Say Airpods For Just $2???

SGA showing how much they appreciate students with their upcoming Wish Week.


Drawings done by senior art student Kelsey McKeever.

What do some high schoolers like more than sleeping in or having no homework? The chance to win free Airpods, a hydro flask, and Sixers Tickets. With the holidays coming up, SGA is making students’ wishes come true.

“ We want to show our students that we care about them and what better way to do that than by giving them a chance to win expensive gifts for the price of only $2!””

— Jojo Dalwadi, SGA Treasurer

For the purpose of student and staff appreciation, students are able to buy $2 raffle tickets in their lunches starting the first week after Thanksgiving break. Once your name is in the raffle, you have the chance to win some pretty cool prizes the week before the holiday break. Some of the smaller gifts include reward cards from everyone’s favorite places:  Dunkin’, WaWa, Starbucks, and Mcdonalds. Once you win one of the smaller prizes, you will receive an email from Mr.Berger announcing you have won.

However, SGA has something bigger up their sleeve. Not only do students get the chance to win some tasty food from some local faves, but they also have the chance to win some bigger prizes that may be on their wish list. Here is what that entails:

Monday 12/16 – Free NP Merch

 Hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, water bottles, you name it! If you win this prize you will be able to rock and represent some North Penn apparel.

Tuesday 12/17 – Free Lunch!

Sometimes our bagged lunch may not cut it and we may crave our favorite 8-count nugget meal from Chic-Fil-a or a burrito from Chipotle. If you win, lunch is on SGA! Pick out your favorite restaurant and your favorite food, and your appetite will be satisfied!

Wednesday 12/18 –  Hydro Flask

You don’t have to be a VSCO girl to enjoy your favorite drink, so why not use a Hydro Flask! Keep your water cold and your coffee hot with your brand new hydro flask if you win on Wednesday!

Thursday 12/19- Sixers tickets and Winter Ball tickets

Set up your night with the boys or a date night with your favorite person as one person will win Sixers tickets and another would win tickets to this year’s Winter Ball.

Friday 12/20 – Airpods

Go cordless with brand new Airpods! These were a hit last holiday season and now you can have a pair of your own.

Even though you won’t have to wait to hear if you won one of the smaller prizes, you will have to tune in to the Morning Show on Friday,12/20,  to see if you won any of the bigger prizes. Just like some have to wait for Christmas morning to open presents, you have to wait for Friday to come to see if you won big.

This is a great way to show appreciation to students and to give them a reward for all the hard work from the first 3 months of school. To get into the holiday spirit, Wish Week is a nice way to try your luck! For just $2 and your name in a raffle, you could walk away with a pair of Airpods or any other fun prizes!