NPHS Theatre To Present “Once Upon A Time”


NPHS Theatre welcomes the community to their 2019 fall play, "Once Upon A Time".


TOWAMENCIN- “When you do a show, there is always a part of you that would like to do it again, would like to have an opportunity to go back,” NPHS Theatre director Andrea Roney said. 

In 2009,  North Penn High School first presented their original production, Once Upon A Time. Ten years later, this is Roney’s opportunity to go back.

“It is this sort of magical collection of stories from all around the world. We try to hit as many {cultures} as we possibly could where the stories fit together. We go from funny to moments of pensiveness, moments of sadness, and then back up again to some kind of humor or wisdom,” shared Roney.

“So many of these tales were created over generations and over many cultures, like Demane and Demazana, our very first tale, which is actually the original Hansel and Gretel, from Africa, from centuries ago! There is this connection, and I know in rehersal we have all felt it, in that the past is present, and these stories revolve around again and make sense to us again and just allow the students to really share and open up their creativity in ways that I think a regular show would not,” Roney added.

Once Upon A Time features a cast of 40 students along with over a dozen students working to create wonderful costumes, makeup, sets, lights, and sounds.

Once Upon A Time is a show filled with fairytales from all around the world. Within the show, you may recognize your favorite stories or some new stories that can become your new favorites. Some stories are more serious and some are more silly. It’s an amazing show for all ages to enjoy,” said senior Gaby Moseley, who plays one of the show’s narrators.

”This show is a beautiful story of how humanity is connected across generations and countries. It truly shows the human story, and how we’re not so different after all,” added junior Livi Greco, another one of the play’s narrators.

Once Upon A Time will have performances November 21st, 22nd, and 23rd at 7:30 p.m., and November 22nd at 2:00 p.m. Order forms can also be picked up in the K-pod reception office or printed from Mrs. Roney’s office. Tickets can be booked online here. Tickets are still at the low price of $5 for students and $10 for adults, a great deal and a great way to support North Penn’s exceptional theater program.

Stay tuned to morning announcements and The Knight Crier for information about the 2020 spring musical, Shrek:The Musical!