Good luck, seniors: your time starts now


TOWAMENCIN – Those of us who have been in school from kindergarten have completed approximately 2,340 days of school. 91% of those days are gone, poof, disappeared into thin air. And guess what? That means we only have 9%  left before we turn the tassel. There are still so many things left to do in our remaining days, and seniors are dedicated to crossing things off their bucket lists before that 9% is gone. Some seniors weighed in on their top bucket list items they want to cross off before time runs out.

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I want to do the morning announcements and take Mr. Manero’s job for a day before I graduate”

— Janice Park


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I would like to go on a road trip to somewhere warm with my friends during spring break and make a lot of memories with my friends before I graduate, because I’m not planning to stay close for college.”

— Maggie Barbosa

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I would like to win a state championship for baseball or commit to a school before I graduate.”

— Chris Mclean

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Throughout my senior year, I want to create a senior time capsule with photos and memories from this year to look back on before we all graduate.”

— Katie Early

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Before I graduate, I think it would be fun to skip school for a day and go to the beach with my friends because that would be something memorable to do before we all leave.”

— Megan Cleary

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Something I would like to do before I graduate is something many people don’t know about. Underneath the Auxiliary gym lies the old pool that the school used before the natatorium was built. My goal before I graduate is to find a way to get to that old pool. It seems like an impossible task, but I am up for the challenge.”

— Cole Egner

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Before I graduate, I want to make a band with fellow senior James Harrington and perform at the talent show or play on the stage on Friday mornings.”

— Carter Leibowitz

With the clock ticking down and graduation creeping closer, it is important for seniors to make the best out of their remaining days. Whether it be an academic goal, a memory with friends, or something that seems impossible, there is only so much time left to cross things off their bucket list. Check back in the spring to see if these six seniors completed their goals.

Good luck, seniors: your time starts now.