Celebration on prom night Dusk Till Dawn

Seniors Natasha Camblin, Gabrielle Salvino, and Shannon Mullen posing at The Highland’s for some prom pictures.

DREXELBROOK-  It was not just a night to remember.

While North Penn High School’s Class of 2019 celebrated their Senior prom on Saturday night, the event wasn’t exclusive to the evening. The Senior Class Cabinet planned months in advance to pull off this event.

“The parts that I’ve been involved in started early this school year, we were thinking about some theme ideas and came up with ‘Dusk till Dawn’ to represent our time at North Penn as Knights,” said Class Cabinet member Kathryn von Abo.

The Senior Proms Dusk till Dawn theme encompasses what the night truly was. Not only does it show the hard work of those who helped organize the event but also shows the time seniors put into making sure their night was the best it could be.

“I knew [what I wanted for prom] since the beginning of the year. All I had to do was find my dress. I found my dress around March and then everything else fell into place,” said Senior Alexis Nguyen.

Dusk till Dawn also perfectly celebrated the senior class’ years at North Penn leading up to their final prom. The over 1,000 attendees had a night full of dancing, ice cream, and memories to celebrate all of the senior class’ years at North Penn at their final prom.

“I loved the beginning when some people were sitting and some were walking around. It was just nice to see all the decorations and tables and dresses and [to] see everyone together in the light having fun before we all made our way to the dance floor.” said Senior Class President Sarah Marshall, after seeing all her time planning pay off.